Cypress Family Eyecare is a practice built not just on exceptional vision correction, but on transforming lives.

For over two decades, Dr. James Oevermann’s commitment to the community goes beyond treating near and farsightedness. He provides help with vision problems such as night blindness, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Their commitment to providing exceptional patient care has made them a trusted name in the community.

Dr. Oevermann offers comprehensive eye care at his practice. Cypress Family Eyecare revolves around identifying and resolving ocular-related issues, whether they require medical attention or vision correction.

His compassionate staff helps create an environment where patients feel welcome, resulting in loyal patients.

“It's more of a family,” Dr. Oevermann said. “We have had people move to other countries and come back [to get their eyes checked].”

But Dr. Oevermann is passionate about giving back and his quality patient care expands beyond the exam room. That's why Cypress Family Eyecare partners with Eyes on Me Inc., offering free eye exams and glasses to individuals in need.

Dr. Oevermann started volunteering with Eyes on Me Inc., a local nonprofit serving at-risk youth, seven years ago. He’s had the opportunity to mentor eight individuals through the nonprofit’s after-school program.

“Getting involved with just one person, changing one person's life is magical,” Dr. Oevermann said. “When you start focusing on other people and trying to help them, your problem seems much smaller.”

Dr. Oevermann said he saw the way improved vision could positively affect an individual’s life when he gave away free eyeglasses in Mexico nearly 20 years ago. An individual who received glasses thanked Dr. Oeverman because he was able to get a job as a taxi driver with his improved vision.

“Just that small little thing made such a positive impact on a person,” Dr. Oevermann said. “Those impacts that we can make as a person, as an individual and as a company...we may or may not see it long term, but it's so cool to know it may have an impact there.”

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Cypress Family Eyecare provides:
  • eye exams for patients 6 months and older
  • glasses and contacts
  • care for a variety of medical conditions including cataracts, glaucoma and more
  • a myopia reduction clinic
  • dry eye therapy
Cypress Family Eyecare is located at 16700 House Hahl Road, Building 7, Cypress. Schedule an appointment on their website or call 281-550-4141 to experience exceptional eye care.

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