Innovative Pools & Spas has built about 2,000 pools in Central Texas since 2001. Founded by long-time friends Dan Edison and Brian Jonrowe, Innovative Pools & Spas staff are efficient, reliable and experienced–setting the company apart from others in the area.

Edison said he and Jonrowe’s opposite skill sets make them a great team. Edison handles the design side while Jonorowe oversees the construction of the pool. They both highly value customer service and aim to give each client an excellent experience.

“People use us mainly because we're honest,” Edison said. “We do a good job.”

From the start of the process, Innovative Pools & Spas staff are transparent with their clients. Edison still draws all of his designs by hand and doesn’t include any “fluff” to persuade customers to choose his company.

“It's a 2D, blueprint-type design,” Edison said. “It's accurately calculated. You can measure off per foot everywhere on the design. You can actually go in your backyard and check measurements to see how it fits.”

Edison said customers appreciate his straightforward designs. Customers can ask questions about the cost of each pool feature and have a clear understanding of what they’re paying for before construction begins.

After the company has acquired the necessary permits from the city and homeowners association, they finish projects in a significantly shorter time than competitors.

“Our average build time for a pool is somewhere in the four to seven week range from the start of excavation to filling the pool with water,” Edison said. “Most companies take 12 months to build the same pool.”

Because Innovative Pools & Spas does not require a down payment to begin construction, Edison said clients do not have to worry about the company “taking their money and running.”

“There's absolutely no motivation for us to take a long time because we do the work and then we get paid,” Edison said. “[Other companies] get the money first and then they do the work. ...If you call me in early March, you're swimming by the end of April.”

This commitment to reliable service has made Innovative Pools & Spas a trusted name in the Austin area.

“We are currently sitting with zero complaints and an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau,” Edison said. “That is unheard of in the pool industry.”

After building nearly 2,000 pools, Edison, Jonrowe and their team have built a variety of different pools in every environment so they have the experience needed to meet each client’s unique needs.

With clear customer communication, high-quality work and reliable service, Innovative Pools & Spas is the Austin area’s go-to pool company.

To learn more about Innovative Pools & Spas, visit the company's website.

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