After working in the cleaning industry for 15 years, Debi Bascue decided it was time to start her own business. In 2001, Bascue and her mother opened Rag Mops Cleaning Service. Today, the business is celebrating 23 years of the same thorough cleaning services it was founded on.

Bascue and her family have a background in entrepreneurship, so she felt confident in her goal to start Rag Mops as a family business. Another motivating factor was Bascue’s desire to have flexibility in scheduling when it comes to juggling family and a business. By running her own business, Bascue is able to still be a mom while being successful in her entrepreneurship.

“We felt like we could make a niche of our own in the area,” Bascue said. “We started very small to begin with, but we quickly grew and were able to expand, hire more people and really find how we wanted the business to look like.”

Over time, the business grew to serve multiple cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and today, Rag Mops services the following areas:
  • Corinth
  • Coppell
  • Double Oak
  • Flower Mound
  • Highland Village
  • Lantana
  • Lewisville
The business has also recently expanded to Argyle and Castle Hills.

Pricing for the different services depends on the square footage of the home and how frequently a customer signs up for services: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasionally. Customers are also able to customize their services in different ways, like only having the downstairs cleaned.

Services offered:
  • The Standard Clean: includes regular cleaning for your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and family areas, along with some other general tasks
  • The Custom Clean: includes everything covered by the Standard option, with additional tasks such as dusting blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, wiping cabinets and vacuuming upholstery
  • The Deep Clean: covers everything the Custom option does, but many items will be hand washed instead of dusted
Along with offering customizable options for every single customer, what sets Rag Mops apart from similar businesses are the honest, well-trained employees who expertly clean the houses.

“Our whole business is based on our cleaners, and we provide an honest job that people are able to support their families with,” Bascue said. “I think investing in our employees and thoroughly training them is what makes us different, because they love working for Rag Mops and therefore, they do a great job. When they're outside in the community cleaning, they feel competent, educated and supported.”

In addition, Bascue said Rag Mops are constantly keeping up with new industry technologies and the latest products and procedures, so every customer ends up with a professionally cleaned home.

Rag Mops offers services Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. To get pricing information, prospective customers can submit a quote request online at any time or give the business a call at 972-219-0353 for a free estimate. To get started on a cleaning journey with Rags Mop Cleaning Services, visit the website.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Senior Multi Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.