It’s no secret that Texans have a passion for spending time outside, but finding durable furniture that can withstand the state’s climate can be a daunting task—until they discover Magnolia Outdoor Living.

Founded in 2013 by Susan and Tom Broerman, Magnolia Outdoor Living has been dedicated to enhancing outdoor spaces for nearly 11 years. Its two locations in Spring and Conroe offer an extensive range of furniture that customers can mix-and-match to create a functional and inviting environment.

What makes Magnolia Outdoor Living unique

Magnolia Outdoor Living sources its furniture from Berlin Gardens, a manufacturer located in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio. The pieces are made out of recycled milk jugs, with one chair requiring about 550 milk jugs to create.

“Being Amish-made and American-made is wonderful. It’s great quality and they’re wonderful people with customer service that takes care of any issues that ever arise,” Susan said.

Magnolia Outdoor Living’s inventory includes:The furniture and fabric come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy for clients to customize pieces to fit their personal preferences and create an arrangement that meets their specific needs.

“We have so much inventory in stock for immediate delivery; we are ready to take care of all your outdoor furniture needs. You are able to choose from a solid color or a two-toned piece or set. If we don’t have your color(s) in stock, we are happy to get them made for you. It usually only takes four weeks,” Susan said.

Here are more standout features of Magnolia Outdoor Living furniture:
  • Poly lumber furniture: Because the furniture is made from milk jugs, customers won’t have to worry about wood deterioration, bugs or splinters. Plus, Susan said Berlin Gardens’ poly is thicker and heavier than its competitors.
  • Comfort: Clients can choose from different sizes, heights and contours to make sure they are comfortable in the furniture they select. As Susan put it, “Amish people just understand how to make furniture fit, whether you’re short or tall or big or small.”
  • UV stabilizer: The Texas sun is no match for Magnolia Outdoor Living’s high-quality furniture. Thanks to a UV stabilizer, the furniture’s color will survive even the hottest summers.
  • Anti-microbial: The furniture won’t support the growth of mildews or any other microbes that may be present as the weather changes. Maintenance is as simple as hosing off or wiping off pollen or debris.
  • Marine-grade hardware: The use of top-notch materials like stainless steel hardware guarantees the furniture won’t need to be replaced. A 20-year warranty further promotes peace of mind for buyers.
“We like to say, ‘cry once and enjoy forever,’” Susan said. “Some people think it’s a little pricey, but when you consider all the things that you have probably thrown away over the years, you are definitely saving money by buying quality [furniture] and enjoying it forever. Those same people keep coming back to add to their collection year after year and rave about how great their previous purchases are doing.”

Customers can also rest assured knowing the furniture was made ethically. In addition to its commitment to quality, Berlin Gardens prioritizes sustainable practices throughout its manufacturing process. From recycling plastic scraps to repurposing materials, the company minimizes waste and environmental impact.

“When they’re doing the cutting and the routing, the little plastic scraps come off and they’re using those to be filler in the headrest,” Susan said. “Then all the major pieces go back to be recycled again ... into regular lumber. So they’re not really throwing anything away.”

Visit a showroom

Magnolia Outdoor Living’s two showrooms are located at 14543 Hwy. 105 W., Conroe and 3416 FM 2920, Ste. 100, Spring. The showrooms are open Mon.-Sat. from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and after-hours appointments are available upon request.

“We have a sampling of all the different lines of furniture, so [customers] can sit, touch, feel and decide their favorites,” Susan said. “We like people to just come in, look around and sit around. We encourage musical chairs.”

Magnolia Outdoor Living furniture comes fully assembled and its staff offers delivery to anywhere within a 30 miles radius from a showroom. Further deliveries are possible if a client needs lots of furniture.

“You tell us where you want it, go get your beverage and start enjoying,” Susan said.

Customers can also opt to take home their furniture in a box and assemble it themselves. Susan also offers discounts for customers whose purchase reaches or exceeds $8,000, as well as to those who pay with cash or check.

“People love the furniture, the quality, the durability and the ease of cleaning,” Susan said. “I think they like working with me and my people because we’re friendly and we listen. It’s just light and airy to come in and visit and see what’s new.”

Interested in learning more about Magnolia Outdoor Living? Visit the website at Customers located in South Texas can also find the same furniture in Susan’s family’s store in Rockport called Oh My!.

The above story was produced by Multi-Platform Journalist Morgan O’Neal with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.