At Elitecare Emergency Hospital in League City, physicians and staff go above and beyond to provide the highest level of emergency care to every individual who walks through its doors. Elitecare physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine and the emergency room offers state-of-the-art CT scanning and radiology services in-house.

“We have some of the premier emergency physicians working at the hospital and we have excellent staff [who are] caring,” Elitecare physician Dr. Jason Gukhool said. “It’s a quality place to find timely access to care.”

What sets Elitecare apart?

Elitecare’s top priority is to provide fast, clean and safe care to its patients. One distinctive aspect of Elitecare is the emphasis it places on spending ample time with each individual. Whether someone comes in for a headache or a trauma, physicians take the time to ensure patients feel heard, seen and valued.

“We tend to be a little bit lower volume, so we are able to spend more time with patients,” Dr. Gukhool said. “There’s not as much of a time pressure as you’ll see in some of the hospitals where the staffing becomes a limiting point ... You want to give [patients] the time that they need and deserve to help understand what’s going on.”

Dr. Gukhool said that because Elitecare is not a part of any major hospital system, physicians have the freedom to be more nimble in their processes and personable in the direction of care.

“I’ve had long conversations with patients about chronic issues that they’re facing that they just didn’t feel like they had the time to have addressed by anybody else,” Dr. Gukhool said. “ ... It’s not an infrequent conversation I have with patients like, ‘You got this room as long as you need it.”

Elitecare also takes a special approach to ER visits that may be caused by stress-related or mental health issues, such as when a mental health issue manifests in a physical way. Dr. Gukhool said it’s important to run the appropriate tests to rule out any serious ailments, then create a plan for evaluation and treatment pathways if there’s an underlying cause.

“It’s not uncommon when people come in with a problem or complaint and the root of the issue is couched in something else,” Dr. Gukhool said. “ ... The symptoms are real, but sometimes a complaint can be related to a multitude of other things, and sometimes those things are all related to mental health.”

Caring for the community

Elitecare’s dedication to fostering a happy and healthy community extends beyond the emergency room, and the company prides itself on being present in community members’ lives in sickness and in health.

“We are a resource to patients 24/7 for just about anything that they can imagine,” Dr. Gukhool said.

One of the ways Elitecare extends support to the community is by providing grant funds to the League City Police Department, Emergency Medical Services & Firefighters as well as education foundations across Greater Galveston County. Additionally, the hospital often treats local teachers to free B12 shots and other surprises from local vendors, including ice cream from The Twisted Kow and coffee from New Grounds.

In an effort to support unsung heroes in League City and surrounding areas, Elitecare offers its Hometown Heroes program for members of the military, teachers, medical workers, police officers, firefighters and more. For more information or to request a Hero Card, click here.

Learn more about Elitecare Emergency Hospital

Elitecare is located at 2530 Gulf Fwy., League City. Find out more about the hospital, look into insurance coverage and explore services at

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