Gladys Pierson has always been fond of numbers, and her job as a certified public accountant isn't merely her profession—it's her passion. Pierson is the managing member at The Pierson Firm, a family and woman-owned tax and accounting firm that has served the Conroe and Montgomery communities for over 30 years.

The company considers itself “Texas-strong”, meaning it is committed to adaptability, longevity and growth.

The Pierson Firm’s longevity has come from sustained growth driven by its diverse clients, including individuals, business entities, partnerships, estates, nonprofits and foreign entities. The firm also serves a wide range of industries, such as retail, oil and gas, medical and services.

“The company’s adaptability has developed from consistently listening to and acting on feedback from clients,” Pierson said.

The firm recently implemented a new brand identity and marketing campaign along with several new technology initiatives including a new website and email communication platform, improved online tools and enhanced security.

“By always finding a way to serve the client, we’ve developed a full range of services,” Pierson said. “We have been fortunate to have many clients refer us to their friends, business associates and family members, and a number of our family clients are third-generation. [They’ve said] they appreciate our depth of experience and personalized touch to their particular situation.”

Tax services and industries served

For individuals not familiar with the tax industry, Pierson said one of the most important benefits of a personalized consultation is to receive solid planning recommendations in order to help minimize taxation.

“We have deep experience with all types of taxpayers, and especially those who are self-employed,” Pierson said. “There are many things a self-employed person can do to lower their current tax obligation as well as many things to be aware of, such as covering Social Security and Medicare contributions. Individual needs always exist. We help all our clients navigate the many new rules, regulations, exceptions and deadlines each year.”

Pierson and her dedicated team provide clients with a wide range of services, including:
  • Planning, preparation & representation, including personal, business, international, charitable, foundation and nonprofit tax; Foreign Bank & Financial Account Filing; IRS representation; and preparation in all 50 U.S. states and territories.
  • Business operations, such as bookkeeping & general ledger monthly, quarterly and annually; payroll and sales tax; accounting; QuickBooks; financial statement preparation and presentation.
  • Advisory, including consulting services; estate and trust; business registration; financial review and compilation.

Willingness to say yes when others say no has facilitated The Pierson Firm’s international business—an aspect not all firms handle. This kind of focus on the customer has established a wide network of global partners and associates generating unique work and adding to the firm’s diverse experience.

“Catering to the needs of each individual client with a personal touch is what sets the firm apart from others,” Pierson said. “A family-owned business just runs differently, and our clients recognize that as an advantage over other service providers they have tried. We like to say, ‘We care about you more than the IRS does, and we really do.’”

Supporting the local business community

Pierson said the Conroe community is like the company’s extended family, and the firm actively supports police, firefighters, first responders, small businesses and local clubs and organizations. Veterans and veteran-owned organizations are of special focus. In particular, Pierson said she loves Honor Cafe, a Conroe restaurant founded, owned and operated by veterans with the underlying purpose of serving those who have served in U.S. military services.

“It’s what they do behind the scenes that is remarkable,” Pierson said. “Their programs and activities provide comfort and support to local veterans and their families who have given so much to preserve and protect our freedoms. In addition, there is always a care package of meals that finds its way to local police and fire stations. Their generosity is truly amazing.”

Working with The Pierson Firm

Having clients walk away with knowledge and clarity of the circumstances they are dealing with is the ultimate goal of a consultation or a working session with Gladys or a member of the Pierson team.

“It’s all about ensuring people know what is being done, how it works and what to expect in the future,” Pierson said. “That’s what we do.”

The Pierson Firm is located at 122 West Davis St., Ste. 110, Conroe.

Prospective clients can inquire about consultation services by calling 936-756-2008, emailing [email protected] or visiting The Pierson Firm’s website.

“Solving problems is what I enjoy most,” Pierson said. “Every day is an opportunity, and it’s exciting to get up and come to work in the morning. I love to meet new people, grow new businesses and give back to the community.”

The above story was produced by Senior Multi Platform Journalist Summer El-Shahawy with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.