Founder Chad Briggs said when it comes to heating, air conditioning and electrical services, Legacy Home Services provides the most cost-effective solutions for customers in New Braunfels.

Briggs started Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning Services in his garage in 2013 solely offering heating and cooling services. Today, the company has rebranded to Legacy Home Services and expanded to add an electrical department.

Legacy Home Services offers commercial and residential services, including:
  • air conditioning unit repairs and installations
  • heating unit repairs and installations
  • ductless air conditioning
  • surge protectors
  • home generators
  • electrical inspections
  • heat pumps
  • home lighting and more
Many business owners and homeowners may choose to put off expensive repairs or address the problem one part at a time. Briggs tells his customers not to wait because the parts they need could go up in price while they’re waiting, costing them more money in the long run.

Briggs said when individuals are looking for an electrical or HVAC service, it’s important for them to get the most value for their money.

“I often will tell people to look at what you're getting for what you're paying,” Briggs said. “... We offer extended warranties, labor warranties and parts warranties that may be a little more expensive, but you're getting a lot more for your money and something that'll last longer.”

Legacy Home Services’ extended warranties end up paying for themselves, Briggs said.

“Let's say a coil went out...the labor is easily going to be more than the cost of that coil and the cost of the extended warranty,” Briggs said.

In addition to providing cost-effective services, Briggs said Legacy Home Services values being transparent with customers.

“We really want to be as up front and honest as we can and let people know what they’re getting,” Briggs said. “There's nothing that's in fine print that we try to hide from someone so those extended warranties are very worth what they’re paying for them.”

Briggs said regular maintenance is essential to saving money on HVAC expenses.

“A lot of times when we sell a new unit, we’ll include maintenance in that [price],” Briggs said. “We’ve had customers who have been with us for 10 years doing maintenance. You do maintenance on your system and it will last longer. It’s definitely saving money in the long run.”

Another way for individuals to get the most out of their units is by changing air filters regularly.

“All of the air that's blowing through your system is going through that filter and if it's 50% plugged up, you're getting only 50% of the efficiency so you're costing yourself a lot in energy and discomfort,” Briggs said.

Briggs said Legacy Home Services offers customers the best bang for their buck, and its reputation for honesty and quality is priceless.

“When you work with us, we want to give you peace of mind,” Briggs said. To learn more about Legacy Home Services, visit the company’s website.

The above story was produced by Multi-Platform Journalist Mary Katherine Shapiro with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.