Across the Stitch Owner Dineen Parker started cross stitching while she was serving in the military and has since turned her hobby into a business.

When Parker retired from service in 2017, she started selling cross stitch art online through her Etsy shop. Although she enjoyed creating everything by hand, it took a long time to finish an order. Her husband suggested she get an embroidery machine and Parker began selling embroidered hats, shirts and blankets and started attending pop-up markets.

With a growing customer base, Parker decided it was time to open a brick-and-mortar store. Parker opened Across the Stitch at 1108 S. I-35, Round Rock in November.

The veteran-owned business sells a unique collection of embroidered hats, pillows, blankets, shirts and more. Parker said she has partnered with many local businesses to embroider their company’s logo on hats and polo shirts for their employees.

Customers can purchase items in-store for Parker to embroider or bring in their own item for customization. Parker said customers frequently bring in purses and bags for personalization.

Parker intentionally designed the layout of her store to be inviting for her customers. When customers walk in, the first thing they see is a red, neon Across the Stitch logo hanging on the wall. Then they can walk around and look through sample items to help them decide what they want.

“You come in the store and you see a table with sample blankets and towels,” Parker said. “Then you can see my embroidery machines. I think it’s really important for the customer to actually see me working to know that it's authentic.”

In addition to giving customers an inside look at how her gifts are made, Parker said she gives her customers many options so they can find the right product for their needs.

“A lot of times customers want things embroidered on business apparel, but sometimes they don't really know what they want,” Parker said. “I have different T-shirts and polos for them to look at and feel because they may think, ‘I want this’ but then when they touch it, they think, ‘Oh, I don't like that.’”

Across the Stitch has no minimum requirement for items in an order and a fast turn around. The store also offers multiple-quantity discounts for business apparel.

Parker makes listening to her customers a priority and never rushes them to make a decision.

“I like to take the time to really discuss with the customer what they want,” Parker said. “Sometimes I get customers who come in and I don't think somebody else really listened to them and I'm trying to fulfill their need.”

Through her embroidered products, Parker has had the chance to be a part of special moments in her customers’ lives.

“I had a lady who came to me with her father's robe and she wanted it cut up and turned into a pillow,” Parker said. “I made three pillows out of it and I embroidered his name and different things on it. That robe was re-gifted to her and her siblings so it was very sentimental to them.”

Residents of Round Rock and surrounding communities can help welcome the business to the community at its grand-opening celebration on March 9 from noon to 4 p.m. at 1108 S. I-35, Round Rock.

To learn more about Across the Stitch, visit its website at

The above story was produced by Multi-platform Journalist Mary Katherine Shapiro with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.