Brushing your teeth might seem insignificant, but it is critical to your health. Dr. Jennifer Buchanan of Buchanan Orthodontics said dental health is directly connected to an individual’s overall health.

For the past 27 years, Dr. Buchanan and her team have provided orthodontic treatment for children and adults, giving them confidence and better oral health.

“Your dental health is a reflection of your overall health,” Dr. Buchanan said. “A lot of people don't realize that there's a direct impact.”

For example, if an individual isn’t flossing, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause health concerns such as heart problems, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

In order to help children develop good dental habits early, Dr. Buchanan regularly gives presentations at elementary schools.

“I love doing that,” Dr. Buchanan said. “The kids are cute, and they ask a lot of great questions. If they can start with good habits young, that's something they can keep up with to better their lives and then not have issues like cavities, teeth removal or gum disease.”

For good oral health, Dr. Buchanan recommends individuals:
  • Brush teeth at least two times a day for two minutes.
  • Don’t forget to brush at the gum line.
  • See a dentist two times a year for cleanings.
  • Brush teeth after eating sticky candy sugary snacks.
Dr. Buchanan also recommends seeing an orthodontist around age 7 because it’s easier to correct jaw or tooth issues early in a child’s life.

Patients with braces sometimes struggle to brush and floss, especially at the beginning when they are getting used to having wires and brackets in their mouths. Dr. Buchanan recommends patients use a Waterpik, which uses water pressure to remove plaque and food from teeth.

“I love the Waterpik and I recommend that my patients use it for the rest of their lives even after braces,” Dr. Buchanan said.

Many individuals think braces only have aesthetic benefits, but they have a larger impact on an individual’s health. The Damon braces and Spark Clear Aligners Dr. Buchanan uses can create more space for the teeth making it easier to floss. This technology also works to open airways, preventing snoring and sleep apnea.

“If you're focusing on your health, you need to look at your teeth,” Dr. Buchanan said. “It’s not just about cosmetics although that's definitely a benefit.”

Because of the technology Dr. Buchanan uses, patients do not have to have surgery, expanders, tooth extractions or use headgear. She said she has patients of every age, from 5 to 80 plus.

“One thing that's awesome about our technology is that it's very gentle but it works very quickly,” Dr. Buchanan said. “[Patients] will see results very quickly and that's very encouraging.”

Dr. Buchanan said it is rewarding to be able to help patients at any age (5 to 80 plus) improve both their oral health and overall health.

“I love being able to help patients and educate the community because this is something that affects the rest of your life,” Dr. Buchanan said.

Dr. Buchanan’s practice is located at 6595 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 100, McKinney. Individuals interested in getting braces at Buchanan Orthodontics can schedule a free consultation online at Future patients can also call or text the office at 972-542-4412.

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