Families and school groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area looking for hands-on learning experiences can find engaging science exhibits at the Institute for Creation Research Discovery Center.

ICR aims to provide scientific evidence for Biblical accounts through scientific research, conferences, podcasts, a bi-monthly magazine and a discovery center which is located at 1830 Royal Lane, Dallas.

“We can see evidence all around us that confirms what we read, particularly in the book of Genesis, but really throughout the whole Bible,” Director of Media and Marketing Michael Hansen said.

Visitors to the museum begin at an exhibit focused on human civilization and the Protestant Reformation, then walk through to the “Pioneers of Science” exhibit, which has portraits on the walls of scientists like Johannes Kepler, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday.

“When you walk in, the portraits actually come to life and they start talking to each other and to the audience,” Hansen said. “People really love it...they really love hearing them talk back and forth to each other.”

After the scientist exhibit, visitors walk through a series of rooms illustrating the creation of the universe, outer space and astronomy. Next, visitors walk through a room representing the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Ark.

Visitors can also enjoy a scale model of the Grand Canyon, a theater and a large, animatronic tyrannosaurus rex. After patrons watch a video about the life of Jesus, they enter the discovery store.

Hansen said patrons can watch three shows in the planetarium:
  • Creation in the Solar System
  • Exploring Deep Space
  • Secret Ocean
The ICR Discovery Center also has an auditorium, Founders Hall, which seats 200 people and is used for presentations and special events.

Hansen said one of the most popular exhibits is the Origin of the Universe.

“It’s in a huge room with a stretch screen,” Hansen said. “We play our creation film in there and you watch the Genesis account of creation unfold in front of you.”

Another popular experience at the ICR Discovery Center is the augmented reality sand tables, which allows guests to move sand on a table and interact with different animals and landscapes. This room also has a projector that allows guests to project their own drawings on a wall.

“You use an iPad or your mobile device and you can create your own animal and then give it a name and paint your creature and then it'll show up on the wall,” Hansen said.

For patrons interested in organizing a group trip, the ICR Discovery Center offers special rates for school and church groups with 12 to 60 guests when they schedule at least two weeks in advance.

Upcoming special events at the ICR Discovery Center include:
  • Dinosaur Week: See full-sized fossil displays, dig for fossils and more. March 12-16
  • Carved in Stone: See the Carved in Stone: A Creationist Road Trip Across America film premiere. Feb. 8.
  • Everlasting to Everlasting Conference: This one-day symposium will feature presentations on the books of Genesis and Revelation from the Bible. March 2.
To plan a visit to the ICR Discovery Center or learn more about these special events, visit its website.

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