Trimlight New Braunfels offers area residents the opportunity to add customizable lighting to their homes and businesses. From holiday lights to special events, Trimlight New Braunfels helps customers light up their lives.

Owner Brandon Verwolf said Trimlight New Braunfels started out primarily working on residential homes, but as word got out, businesses from wedding venues to car washes began reaching out for services.

“The idea behind Trimlight is we can use an app to control the lights, set them to scheduled timers, create endless patterns, and all that fun stuff,” Verwolf said. “People can use them for accent lighting, for holiday lighting, special events or whatever the case is. Because of that, we're getting quite a bit of interest from businesses that want to change their light color or their themes throughout the year.”

Verwolf said Trimlight New Braunfels recently completed a large-scale project with the San Antonio Zoo.

“The Zoo just built an amazing entrance; they contacted us to add lighting to the outline of front buildings as well as awnings,” Verwolf said. “They wanted to be able to control the color of the entrance, and there were ten different areas to streamline.”

Because of the app, as long as customers have stable wifi connection throughout the area they’re lighting, it’s easy to sync up different zones, Verwolf said.

Customers use the Trimlight Edge app and a controller to manage their permanent LED lighting, and can even control their lights from across the world. In addition, customers can create custom colors, color combinations and make the lights move—they can even move to music.

“You can also be specific with which lights you turn on or off,” Verwolf said. “You can even make the lights move, so you can have them chase across the house, twinkle, fade and all sorts of different options.”

Verwolf said because the lights are of such high quality, he offers lifetime warranties on all products, so clients never have to worry about replacing the lights themselves.

Trimlight has a selection of proprietary products and two product lines: residential and commercial. The residential line includes products that are primarily geared toward home lighting, and the commercial line features lights that are more suited to business needs, such as street view visibility. Customers can also purchase downlights, which accent a particular feature of a house, and globe lights, which have the backyard-patio look of Edison light bulbs on a string.

While the product can accommodate any aesthetic preference, Verwolf said the most important aspect of Trimlight products is safety.

“We go to communities where people don’t want to climb on a 32-foot ladder to put their Christmas lights up, or any lights up, for that matter,” he said. “We take the risk out of the equation. We do it for them, and it's a permanent solution, so they never have to worry about taking them down.”

Trimlight New Braunfels prices its product by the linear foot of the roof line. Typically, the team takes the measurements on-site, and then multiplies the linear footage by the cost of the product the customer requests. The Trimlight products range from $19-29 per linear foot, depending on the type of light.

Verwolf said he is proud to serve the New Braunfels community, as well as the surrounding San Antonio metropolitan area. Interested in outfitting your home or business? Prospective customers can visit the Trimlight New Braunfels website for a free quote, or call 972-369-3293.

The above story was produced by Senior Multi Platform Journalist Summer El-Shahawy with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.