Taking charge of dental health doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when the services are coming from a trusted practice like Contemporary Dental, located at 4562 Bissonnet St. in Bellaire.

Dr. Steven Vaughan first joined the practice in 2005 and eventually took full ownership of the business in 2018. Community Impact sat down with Dr. Vaughan to discuss the practice’s services, amenities and what makes Contemporary Dental unique.

What services does Contemporary Dental offer?

Dr. Vaughan:
We can do almost anything somebody needs done. We do lots of what I would call bread-and-butter dentistry: preventive work, cleanings, general maintenance and fillings. We’re able to do simple and complex root canals. We do our fair share of dentures.

Dr. Fabia Yunus is a periodontist and helps fix different issues people have with their gums. She's also an orthodontist, so she does traditional braces and Invisalign-type orthodontic work in our office.

Dr. Kathy O’Keefe is a general dentist and resident of Bellaire. She taught at the dental school in the past and so she's been a good addition to the practice.

Dr. Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay is a prosthodontist and tackles all sorts of complex implant and full mouth reconstruction cases here at the office.

What changes have you seen over the years in the dental industry?

Dr. Vaughan:
The big change I've seen over my career is just how technology and particularly three-dimensional type planning of restorative cases has taken over. Going beyond that, we are starting to see artificial intelligence help us with a variety of things.

What originally drew you to the dental profession?

Dr. Vaughan:
I had good relationships with my dentists growing up. I always had positive experiences but didn't know what dentists did on a daily basis. After getting to observe offices, it confirmed that path for me. I think it's nice being a small business owner and having the ability to be in charge of making the decisions about how the business runs.

What are the benefits of running a small business?

Dr. Vaughan:
You get to see people from when they first enter your practice and you maintain those relationships. We have a lot of patients who may have been kids when they started practice and now they're in their 60s or 70s, but they still come to the same location all these years later. It's neat to have that kind of access into people's lives.

How does Contemporary Dental make sure patients feel safe and comfortable?

Dr. Vaughan:
Patients are always like, ‘You're gonna judge me’ and I say ‘No, we're a non-judgmental dental office.’ Our goal is just to establish relationships and rapport with people so they know we're a place they can trust for an honest opinion and good care.

To schedule an appointment with Contemporary Dental, visit the practice’s website or call 713- 668-9119.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Senior Multi-Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.