Crimsafe’s strong safety screens are a homeowner’s first line of defense against intruders, heat, storms and insects. With a unique design created 28 years ago in Australia, Crimsafe offers unique door and window safety screens for people looking to keep their homes secure 24/7.

There are two common ways families choose to protect their home: alert systems and physical security. Alert systems, like cameras or smart doorbells, do not prevent a break-in. Physical security products, like Crimsafe’s safety screens, are physical deterrents to burglars.

These safety screens are “the new MVP of home security,” according to the company’s website. These products are proactive instead of reactive.

Retail Development Manager Katrina Nowosielski said there are no products in the physical security category like Crimsafe. This unique product consists of a screw-clamp technology, tensile-tuff mesh, and tamper-resistant screws that work together to form a vice-like grip.

“It stops people from breaking in, so there's a peace of mind and security that goes along with it,” Nowosielski said.

A unique product

Each Crimsafe door and window is custom-made in Texas to fit the home. Clients can choose from a variety of colors and styles so they can protect their home without compromising the curb appeal.

“Everything's going to be made-to-measure to fit perfectly on the home or business or wherever the products are being installed,” said General Manager Mike Leigh.

While the primary goal of Crimsafe’s products is to prevent break-ins, there are many additional benefits for homeowners. Crimsafe’s safety screens can protect homes during extreme weather events up to a category 4 hurricane.

“It's a very benefit-rich product that has not only the security and safety aspect, but a lot of lifestyle benefits like reducing solar heat gain, reducing UV exposure and keeping bugs out,” Leigh said.

Carina Farber, Retail General Manager, said once homeowners experience the Crimsafe difference, they become repeat customers.

“We see a lot of customers buy one time and then come back to buy [our products] for the rest of the house,” Farber said. “A lot of times people start with the front or back door, then they see how great the product is, and they come back and purchase the windows.”

Easy installation

Crimsafe makes it easy for new customers to try their products.

“The installation process is pretty simple,” Nowosielski said. “We have our own company installers. The same person that is measuring is the person that is doing the installation.”

In addition, Crimsafe products come with a 10-year warranty so homeowners can have peace-of-mind for the long-term.

“A lot of older people and single ladies are going for 100% security,” Nowosielski said. “They know if they lock up they are safe and sound inside and they can rest.”

If homeowners are interested in Crimsafe doors and windows, but still hesitant, potential customers can call Crimsafe to get a free consultation for their home.

“We are seeing an increase in crime rates,” Farber said. “People are looking to secure their homes. The first thing that comes to mind is an alarm system, but that really doesn't keep people outside of your house.”

Crimsafe provides safety screens to residents in Houston and surrounding areas. To find out more about Crimsafe or get a free quote today, visit

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