Dr. Kene Enekebe, medical director and co-founder of Memorial Springs Emergency Room, knows what it’s like to spend the entire day in the ER with a sick child and he wanted to provide a better experience for his community. He opened Memorial Springs ER in Spring in November and is planning a grand opening celebration Jan. 30.

Patients can visit the free-standing emergency room, which is located at 5037B FM 2920 Road in Spring, for a wide-variety of medical emergencies such as respiratory illnesses, broken bones, abdominal pain, allergic reactions and high fevers. The emergency room also provides flu, strep and COVID-19 testing.

Quick, quality care

One of the benefits of a free-standing emergency room is patients can receive medical care without spending the entire day in a waiting room with other sick patients.

“Your wait times are minimized because we run our own labs, CT scans and X-rays in house,” Dr. Enekebe said. “We do everything we can to get you in and out as quickly as possible so you can get back to your daily activities.”

Because the clinic is smaller than a hospital emergency room, patients receive more personalized care and the doctors are not rushing from one patient to the next.

“If you're going to Memorial Springs ER, you're going to get the service that you need and the cost is not going to be an inhibitor for you to be seen,” said Chief Strategist Kay Enekebe.

Memorial Springs ER accepts most private and commercial insurance. They cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid, however the emergency room offers significant discounts for patients who are uninsured or out of network.

“We offer very good out-of-pocket cash rates,” Dr. Enekebe said. “We give significant discounts for people who choose to pay cash prices. You don't have to be breaking the bank here.”

Community involvement

Another thing that makes Memorial Springs ER unique is its connection to the community it serves. The emergency room is family-owned and operated by Dr. Enekebe and his family, who live in Spring.

“It's not one of those big names where you're just the number,” Kay said. “At the end of the day, your sickness, crazy bills, we understand what those look like. We’re in this for the long run.”

Memorial Springs ER is involved with the Spring Chamber of Commerce and sponsors several local sports leagues. Dr. Enekebe said he plans to offer free CPR and first aid classes in the future to give people an opportunity to come and see the clinic, and get to know the staff.

He said he hopes these classes and events will help people feel more comfortable coming to the emergency room.

“We will have an open house during our grand opening ceremony where people can take a tour of our facility, see what we have and ask questions,” Dr. Enekebe said. “Food will also be provided. The way we've set [the emergency room] up, it's very friendly and comfortable for everybody.”

Memorial Springs ER hopes the community doesn’t only see them as doctors, but as their neighbors.

“We want people to feel like their voices are heard, for people to feel like they are being treated with utmost concern and compassion,” Kay said. “We have created a space where people will feel welcome.”

To learn more about Memorial Springs Emergency Room, visit memorialspringser.com.

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