In the heart of Frisco, Leadership Prep School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, challenging traditional norms and fostering a community-driven approach to learning.

As the charter school prepares for its upcoming open house and open enrollment season, elementary campus principal Angela Stewart and secondary campus principal April Bowden share the core of LPS’s ethos: a commitment to individualized learning experiences and a focus on parental involvement.

Students over standards

Established 13 years ago, LPS is built upon a steadfast commitment to the comprehensive development of each student. This commitment is manifested in the everyday practices of teachers and staff who work to create an environment where every student is genuinely heard, seen and provided the tools to thrive academically and personally.

“I think [students] value the relationships. It’s not just their teacher that knows them, it’s almost the entire staff,” Stewart said. “We really pride ourselves on learning all of the kids’ names [and] saying their names correctly so that they know we value them. I think that makes them happy to know they’re greeted when they come in, they’re greeted when they leave, and then everyone knows that they know everyone and everyone loves them.”

One of LPS’s cornerstones is the belief in “students over standards,” emphasizing a personalized education that goes beyond standardized curricula. This provides teachers with the flexibility to meet students at their unique learning junctures, ensuring individual needs are met.

“If they’re in the classroom and the students say something happened in the community, if I was to walk in the classroom and they’re handling that [together] ... that’s what I want to see,” Bowden said. “I’m not going to sit there and tell the teacher, ‘Oh, you should be on this page at this time.’”

Parental involvement

Another distinguishing factor at LPS is a strong emphasis on parental support, where families are not just spectators but integral members of the school community.

“We’re not just a place where we want you to drop your kids off and pick [them] up at the end of the day. We really want you to be a part of the school, and it’s going to help your kid grow faster,” Stewart said.

The call for active participation spans into every facet of school life, with parents encouraged to contribute to various events and activities from carnivals and sports games to booster clubs and field days.

“Our secondary is really non-traditional because it’s fifth grade through 12th grade, so I have middle school and high school in this building,” Bowden said. “But I feel like that allows for more of our parental involvement. We do ask for parents to come in and do lunch duty or help outside for recess duty.”

LPS’s extracurricular tapestry

Beyond the classroom, LPS offers a diverse array of extracurricular activities to complement students’ academic journeys.

At the elementary level, students have the opportunity to play cricket three days a week, participate in a Spelling Bee and learn how to code through an AI Code program. For secondary students, The Chess Club, the Math Olympiad and the Science Olympiad provide space for strategic minds to converge.

As a part of the Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League, LPS students can compete in various sports. LPS also embraces the digital age with its eSports leagues, where secondary students collaborate and compete in virtual realms.

A window into daily life at LPS

On Jan. 18, LPS will host an open house for prospective parents and students. The elementary campus open house will take place from 5-7 p.m., followed by the secondary campus portion from 6-8 p.m. Parents who wish to explore both campuses will be able to do so.

“It just really helps parents to understand what LPS is about and what we do throughout the day. Yes, we are held to the same standards as the local ISD, but here’s everything we do on top of that,” Stewart said.

The night will kick off with a brief presentation about LPS as well as a Q&A segment to help dispel any misconceptions about charter schools. Then, current students as young as kindergartners will guide attendees through the campuses on tours and share their experiences.

“It’s not a time to meet teachers,” Stewart said. “It’s a time to come in, see the school, find out what we're about and then make sure that this is the place you want your kid [to be]—because then the next week, enrollment opens.”

What to know about open enrollment

Open enrollment—the period in which parents can fill out applications for their child to attend LPS—runs Feb. 5-23. At midnight on Feb. 23, the application will close.

The application consists of only a few simple questions, such as the child’s name, age and birthday.

“It does not matter whether you’re the first one to fill out an application or the last one to fill out an application, as long as you fill it out within that window,” Stewart said.

Feb. 29 is lottery day, which determines the waitlist order for prospective students. Parents will be notified of their waitlist number within 48 hours of lottery day.

“All of the students that have applied will go on the waitlist, except for kindergarten because that’s the only spots we have open,” Stewart said.

In late spring, LPS will conduct an intent to return with their current students to determine how many spots will be available for the upcoming school year.

“We don’t release any spots until closer to the end of the year, potentially even this summer, to make sure those parents really aren’t coming back,” Stewart said.

Is LPS the right fit for your family?

Both principals stress the critical role parents play in determining whether LPS aligns with the needs of their family. While LPS places an emphasis on academic excellence and active parental participation, it’s crucial to recognize that the school’s distinctive approach may not resonate with everyone.

However, for those seeking an immersive, hands-on educational experience, LPS offers an environment where thriving becomes not just a possibility but a tangible reality.

Leadership Prep School’s elementary campus is located at 8500 Teel Pkwy., and its secondary campus is located at 8100 Teel Pkwy. Parents can find out more by visiting

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