For those wishing to start a new year’s resolution of being healthier or those just looking to find some relaxation in their busy lives, look no further than YogaSix Trophy Club.

The boutique studio is located at 2240 TX-114, Ste. 630 in Trophy Club and has quickly become a go-to wellness spot for area residents since opening in late 2022.

“Yoga is well over 3000 years old and thus there are many types of yoga practiced around the world,” studio owner Mark Hrubant said. “Here at YogaSix Trophy Club we offer a modern take, approaching yoga from the fitness side. In the softly lit practice room, our teachers cue students to link breath to the flowing movement of their body.”

YogaSix Trophy Club’s staff works closely with clients to help them meet their health and wellness goals, whether they are an 82-year-old staying in shape through low-impact exercise, athletes balancing their HIIT and strength training or medical professionals seeking to destress and balance.

YogaSix Trophy Club offers a welcoming environment and a variety of classes that allow anyone from first-time visitors to seasoned yoga practitioners to feel comfortable and successful.

The different classes include:
  • Slow Flow: Find the flow in this beginner-friendly class. Flow through poses at a gentle pace as clients connect movement with breath. Discover inner calm and relaxation in a warm, supportive environment.The room temperature is kept at 85-90 F.
  • Restore: Relax, renew and restore the body and mind. Release tension and recharge with long-held stretches using props for support. Leave this soothing practice feeling balanced and revitalized from head to toe. Perfect for every body. The room temperature is kept at 85-90 F.
  • Hot: Transform mind, body and spirit in this signature heated flow class. Link movement with breath as client’s flow through yoga's greatest hits. All levels are welcome to sweat out stress, connect to inner strength and leave feeling balanced and energized. The room temperature is kept at 95-105 F.
  • Power: Ignite inner power in this energetic flow class. Move to upbeat tunes as teachers artfully guide clients deeper into challenging poses. Build strength, flexibility and focus in a heated room. The room temperature is kept at 95-105 F.
  • Sculpt & Flow: Fire up fitness with a total body workout. Blend invigorating yoga flows with light weights for an energizing, full-body burn. Stretch out those worked muscles afterward. The room temperature is kept at 90-100 F.
  • Slow Jams: Get a taste of the signature styles in this intro class. Sample the core Hot and Slow flow, then deeply stretch. This is the ideal starter class. The room temperature is kept at 85-90 F.
  • Mix: Elevate the energy with this accessible, full-body workout. Flow through yoga poses, strengthen with light weights and relax into deep stretches as uplifting music carries the workout.The room temperature is kept at 85-90 F.
“As a small business, we nurture the studio’s community development,” Hrubant said. “We've had people who live right here in Trophy Club who didn't know each other... They've met here and have built friendships. That's the kind of community that we want to foster. Let's encourage people who have a common interest to come into the studio.”

Interested in taking a class? YogaSix Trophy Club offers the first class for $10, to help clients explore classes and determine if the studio and community are the right fit.

To start a health and wellness journey, visit the website to see when the next class is happening.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Senior Multi Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.