Dr. Elyssa Washburn and Dr. Holly Conradt of Love to Hear Again Audiology are helping patients in Grapevine and surrounding communities improve their hearing, overall health and quality of life.

Located at 1125 S. Ball St., Ste. 105, Grapevine, the practice offers comprehensive hearing health care services including ear-to-brain evaluations, consultations, and treatment solutions, such as hearing devices and implants. The practice also offers ear cleanings and custom hearing protection products.

Dr. Washburn and Dr. Conradt spoke with Community Impact about starting the practice, what makes it unique and how treating hearing loss, a progressive neurologic degenerative disorder, can prevent additional health issues later in life.

What drew you to the field of audiology?

Dr. Washburn: Both Holly and I had a love of medical meets technology meets data. Audiology kind of fits the bill for all that. We get to be like detectives. Someone comes in with a problem and we get to run the tests and figure out what's going on and offer a solution.

Dr. Conradt: Audiology really is a science and an art. I liked working with technology, but also counseling people along the journey of correcting their hearing loss.

What is the mission of Love to Hear Again Audiology?

Dr. Washburn: Our mission is to change lives. We want to get the message out to everyone that hearing loss is a progressive neurological disorder. It's not just something a person can choose whether or not to treat. It's a major medical concern.

What services do you offer at Love to Hear Again Audiology?

Dr. Washburn: We offer comprehensive hearing and tinnitus evaluations. We also prescribe and implement brain-hearing solutions, including hearing and tinnitus devices, accessory microphones for complex environments and cochlear and bone implant technologies.

Dr. Conradt: We incorporate cognitive screenings in our evaluations because research has shown there's a link between untreated hearing loss and reduction in overall cognition performance. Treating your hearing deficit can delay the onset of dementia and slow progression of the disease by three years. We try to look at everything holistically to address not only the hearing side of it, but the brain side of it too.

What sets Love to Hear Again Audiology apart from other audiology practices?

Dr. Washburn: One of our specialties is implantable hearing solutions. We are also Tinnitus Certified providers, so we offer treatments for those cases head-on vs. needing to refer out.

What is a common misconception about hearing health care?

Dr. Conradt: Hearing aids aren't just the widget or the device. It's really important to have a person programming your prescription treatment devices, who can translate your experience feedback into a preference change in the software to optimize your outcome. It's definitely a process of adaptation and retraining your brain how to hear with hearing aids, so you need a brain-hearing expert to help you through that.

Other than having difficulty hearing, are there other symptoms of hearing loss that aren't as obvious that people need to look out for?

Dr. Washburn: Misophonia and Hyperacusis, or sensitivity to certain sounds and sound levels, can also mean that you have auditory damage. I always liken it to atrophied muscles not being able to pull the same weight. With hearing loss, your brain is not used to lifting the normal weight of sound and when it is exposed to certain sounds or sound levels, it can't stand it. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, dizziness and imbalance/falls can also be related to the degeneration of the inner ear.

Dr. Conradt: Hearing loss can appear as a clogged sensation. It could be ear wax or it could be something else. It's always good to see an audiologist. They can either rule out ear wax or find the real solution.

What should the community know about Love to Hear Again Audiology?

Dr. Washburn: We're woman owned and we take pride in everything we do. We try to make it as simple a process as possible because a lot of people wait years and years and it is an emotional hurdle to finally admit you need help. We try to take away as many roadblocks as possible and make it a smooth transition into our doors.

Visit the practice’s website to schedule a consultation with Love to Hear Again Audiology or learn more about its services. Prospective patients may also call the practice at 817-722-6156.

The above story was produced by Multi-Platform Journalist Mary Katherine Shapiro with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.