With a caring staff and a welcoming environment, Pediatricz Now provides comprehensive health care to children and teens from birth to 21 years of age in the Houston area. The Pediatricz Now facilities are state of the art facilities that have a full separation of well and sick to include a fully separated ventilation system which allows them the ability to provide comprehensive quality care and same-day sick and well visits. These are the key points to what sets Pediatricz Now apart from other practices.

President and CEO Dr. Muhamad Almouie said most pediatric practices limit offerings to a general exam and basic testing and send families to a hospital for additional appointments. Dr. Almouie said this is inconvenient, especially for families with multiple children, and wanted to offer a better experience.

“We try to provide everything they need without going to the hospital,” Dr. Almouie said.

Services Pediatricz Now provides:
  • a full range of lab services, including blood testing, urine testing and allergy testing
  • well exams and sports physicals
  • a full immunization clinic, including COVID-19 vaccines
  • mental health services
  • ADHD and Autism screening
  • care for acne and other skin disorders
  • nutrition and weight management
Dr. Almouie said he has seen an increase in the need for pediatric mental health care since the height of the pandemic. To assist with this need, his practice can quickly provide care to children struggling with mental health.

“We make every effort to provide the testing, evaluation, treatment and whatever is needed for those patients,” Dr. Almouie said. “They can be tested and treated within 24 to 48 hours. With some practices, this can take months.”

Pediatricz Now provides its high-quality care in a welcoming environment. Dr. Almouie said it’s important to have a welcoming staff and space to make children and their families feel comfortable at the doctor.

“We made an effort to have the right staff: [people who are] kind, compassionate, smart, friendly and respectful, because those families need every attention possible,” Dr. Almouie said.

The office at Pediatricz Now is ocean-themed with colorful murals on the walls.

“We added extra features in the office to make it less intimidating and more inviting for the kids,” Dr. Almouie said.

Pediatricz Now aims to adapt and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in pediatric care.

“Over the years, we never stopped in one place,” Dr. Almouie said. “We’ve always adapted to what's happening in the field to provide the latest care available for any condition or patient right away.”

One thing Pediatricz Now has maintained is its commitment to providing same-day care. Dr. Almouie said at most pediatric clinics, it can take three to five days to get an appointment.

“We made a commitment: if they call us today, they will be seen today,” Dr. Almouie said.

The priority of providing high-quality pediatric care quickly has made Pediatricz Now a trusted clinic in the Houston area.

“We are totally committed to providing the best quality care to our children,” Dr. Almouie said. “I want [parents] to feel assured that they can trust coming to us.”

Pediatricz Now has multiple locations throughout Houston. The Cypress location is at 17817 FM 529, Ste. 109. To make an appointment with Pediatricz Now, visit the website or call 888-995-7339.

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