At Get Age Fit, a personal training gym, individuals can transform their minds, bodies and lives through customized, age-appropriate fitness programs. In the new and expanded facility at 3626 Williams Drive, Georgetown, the gym has space for clients age 35 and up to achieve their fitness goals in the new year.

Owner Theo Thurston said fitness has three components: weight training, cardio and healthy nutrition. In over 30,000 hours of training experience, Thurston said he finds that many people are fearful of starting a fitness program, but overcoming the fear in their mind is the first step forward.

“Fitness is the foundation for any life change,” Thurston said. “... Once people start, their most common statement is, ‘Why did I wait so long to get started?’ I feel fantastic.”

Get Age Fit is known for its 12-week transformation challenge, and the business is running two promotions through Jan. 31 for new clients:
  • For duos: Two people can train for the price of one
  • For individuals: Get an extra free training session
To learn more about the offers, call 512-591-7817 or set up a free consultation.

Complete the challenge, see results

Thurston said the 12-week challenge delivers results. How does it work? The synergistic, science-based program produces astounding physical and mental changes through the use of three factors:
  • weight training
  • cardiovascular exercise
  • healthy whole food nutrition
The goal is not to simply lose weight, but instead to transform individuals’ body composition.

Thurston said the Get Age Fit method utilizes a strategic system incorporating the three components, and the primary effect gaining strength and energy, improving muscle tone and overall health and losing fat.

Weight training

Lifting weights is highly recommended by doctors to improve strength, guard against osteoporosis, boost the metabolism and burn off unhealthy body fat, Thurston said.

The safest and most effective way to train with weights is a proven technique known as “time under tension,” where lighter weights are used and repetitions are performed at a much slower and controlled pace.

At Get Age Fit, all training sessions are with one of the gym’s certified personal trainers to ensure safety, proper form and technique, and understanding of the transformation process each step of the way.

Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise, commonly referred to as cardio, is a key component of body transformation, because when done properly, it can boost the metabolism while simultaneously burning body fat, Thurston said.

There are many misperceptions about how to do cardio correctly, and Get Age Fit uses a specific method to guarantee results.

Get Age Fit cardio sessions are short and vary in intensity, just like its weight training. Only 20 minutes in length plus a 2-3 minute cooldown, each minute has a corresponding target intensity level, Thurston said.

After performing just 20 minutes of this type of structured interval cardio, clients’ bodies will continue to burn calories for up to 2-4 hours and experience benefits such as greater endurance and breathing capacity.

Healthy, whole food nutrition

No matter what the current fad diet is, whether it be intermittent fasting, keto, vegan or raw food, all of the top fitness coaches utilize a plan where they eat 5-6 smaller meals and snacks per day, Thurston said.

Thurston said each meal should simply contain a portion of protein, which repairs and builds muscle, a portion of carbohydrates, which are the body’s preferred source of energy and a fibrous vegetable two times a day.

There is no need to measure or weigh food— clients can just use their hands. A portion of protein is the size of an open palm, a portion of carbohydrates is the size of a clenched fist, and a portion of fibrous vegetables is whatever can fit into a cupped hand with outstretched fingers.

Thurston said the proven Get Age Fit way of eating is to focus on high nutrition, lower calorie whole foods in smaller portions every 2-1/2 to 3 hours for 5-6 meals and snacks per day.

Serving an older population

After outgrowing previous facilities four times, the new facility on Williams Drive is ready to serve clients 35 years and older in the Georgetown area. Thurston said it was important to him to create a space that focused on individuals who are getting older because they are underserved in the fitness industry.

“Most gyms are for younger people to strut around, lift heavy weights, grunt and groan and take selfies,” he said. “But our gym is based on scientific principles of how the body actually works.”

As people get older, sometimes they might be pushed aside, but Thurston said the goal of Get Age Fit is to honor people 35 and up and provide an excellent place for them to train—without the craziness of a young person’s gym.

Become a member at Get Age Fit

Thurston said Get Age’s Fit program has the power to transform clients’ bodies and minds.

“The results are way more than the sum of the parts, and it's actually shocking how fast people can get into shape with that,” Thurston said. “Over six million people have done this program that we offer—we’ve just refined it for people that are 35-plus.”

In addition to its 12-week transformation challenge, Get Age Fit also offers a variety of classes, including balance and stability, Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) classes, yoga, tai chi, cooking classes and more. Clients can train individually or as a couple, and Thurston said couple’s training can be a great way to try something new together.

To learn more about the personal training studio in Georgetown and take advantage of the special pricing, visit the website or call 512-591-7817. Prospective clients can also sign up for Get Age Fit’s exclusive email newsletter and receive workout tips, age-fighting secrets and expert advice on how to live their best life at any age.

The above story was produced by Summer El-Shahawy with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of its "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.