Nestled merely 2 miles from downtown Liberty Hill, master-planned community Lariat is taking shape, poised to offer residents a tranquil small-town ambiance intertwined with the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Furnished model homes are now available for tours. Future residents can explore the allure of Lariat homes as they blend with the scenic backdrop of the San Gabriel River, meticulously designed to preserve the distinctive charm of the land’s topography.

Gather ‘round, lasso together

Winding through the community, extensive walking trails will converge at the future amenity center—a vibrant focal point for both residents and visitors. The Junction amenity pavilion and The Watering Hole Pool Complex will boast outdoor fitness gear, pools, a splash pad, a dog park, and a dock-adorned catch-and-release pond. The inviting outdoor oasis is meant to beckon families to step out of their homes, embrace nature and connect with others in a shared social haven.

“This community is very much meant to be an escape from all the hustle and bustle of life—where when families come home, they’re home. They’re excited to get home,” said Grant Rollo, Vice President of Randolph Texas Development. “Their kids are excited for them to be home because of all the adventures they can have just outside their door.”

Located near The Watering Hole, The Junction will serve as the heart of Lariat. Located in a tiered, grassy area, The Junction pavilion will be the perfect locale for picnics, celebrations, sports and future farmers markets. Rollo envisions this space attracting vendors, food trucks and more, adding to the community’s vibrancy and sense of togetherness.

Adjacent to the amenity center, Liberty Hill ISD has plans to construct a future Elementary School No. 8, which will offer Lariat families the convenience of sending their children to school just minutes away from their doorsteps.

Finally, scattered throughout the neighborhood, residents will find pocket parks with various themes including a pickleball court, a basketball court, fitness stations and a designated reading area with benches and tables.

Put down roots, build a dream home

Providing a variety of stunning residences situated on 45-, 50-, and 60-foot lots, Lariat residents can choose from an array of floor plans. Options include 1- and 2-story designs, each with adaptable living spaces, outdoor entertainment areas, first-floor master bedrooms and ample customization opportunities to make the home as unique as the family that will dwell in it.

Many master-planned communities work with over a dozen different builders, but Lariat is unique in its exclusivity of five highly-acclaimed builders: Ashton Woods, Chesmar Homes, Landsea Homes, Perry Homes and Tri Pointe Homes.

“That allows the builders to focus and invest in the community itself, because they’re not just getting a handful of lots and moving onto the next project. They’re here long term, so they’re just as invested in Lariat’s success as we are,” Rollo said. “These are guys that we’ve known for a long time. We have personal relationships with them.”

With a family-focused approach and a track record of superb customer service, these award-winning builders are ready to begin conversations with future residents and tailor homes to specific needs.

Start a life you love

Lariat isn't just a community; it's a haven crafted with care, where families will create cherished memories through recreation and shared experiences. With its commitment to fellowship, state-of-the-art amenities and a carefully curated selection of homes, Lariat stands as more than a residential enclave—it's a vision fulfilled.

“It’s a very personal kind of vision of us wanting to get to focus on the family unit itself, not just making a buck,” Rollo said. “It’s these kinds of family activities that just get missed so much in today’s world. Our counterparts and our builder partners having the same vision and getting on board with that has been pivotal.”

Lariat is located at 3100 County Road 214, Liberty Hill. Connect with Lariat on its Facebook page for updates on the community and be the first to know about future builder events. Find more information, browse available homes or inquire about customization at

The above story was produced by Multi-Platform Journalist Morgan O’Neal with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.