After a yearlong endeavor, Dr. Ibrahim Qattan recently celebrated the opening of Valley Ranch Eye Care in Coppell. With a mission to give patients the most attentive care possible, the eye care clinic boasts top-notch technology and a one-stop-shop experience.

Meet Dr. Qattan

Dr. Qattan graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington before earning his doctorate degree at the Southern College of Optometry. After completing school, he relocated to Lewisville and began practicing in Denton at a corporate optometry office.

“Without my contact lenses, I’m severely nearsighted and cannot function without them,” Dr. Qattan said. “Optometry has changed my life. People need to see their best to live their best.”

Dr. Qattan eventually switched gears and joined a private practice. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he embarked on his longtime dream of opening his own eye care clinic.

“My patients say I actually listen,” Dr. Qattan said. “As an optometrist, I’m an investigator to find out what’s going on with each patient and how to help them.”

Comfort and convenience is key

When patients step into Valley Ranch Eye Care, they’ll first notice a large gallery wall and blue couches to relax on while completing paperwork.

“We want you to feel safe and comfortable,” Dr. Qattan said.

As a nearly paperless practice, patients can fill out intake forms on their cell phones before the exam begins.

Services at Valley Ranch Eye Care

Dr. Qattan offers a wide range of services at Valley Ranch Eye Care, incorporating cutting-edge technology to guarantee patients receive the best care.
  • Comprehensive eye exams: Because vision screenings only provide a limited perspective, comprehensive eye exams are crucial to understanding a patient’s overall eye health.
  • Pediatric eye exams: Examining a child's eye health and visual system extensively is critical, as untreated vision issues in childhood can result in low performance in school and stunted development.
  • Myopia management: Myopia, or nearsightedness, means individuals can see objects up close clearly but having difficulty with distance vision. Dr. Qattan offers various treatments for myopia control.
  • Dry eye treatment: Dry eye occurs when a person doesn't have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. Dr. Qattan not only educates on preventive self-care but also collaborates with patients to identify the most effective treatment for their individual cases.
  • Contact lens exams: First-time contact lens use can sometimes be daunting, but Dr. Qattan is dedicated to helping patients through each step of the process: discussing preferences, conducting measurements, tear film evaluations, fittings and testing.
  • Specialty contact lenses: Every patient has distinct needs, and tailored solutions are available for those with unconventional requirements.
A passion for pediatric optometry

Dr. Qattan takes a special interest in helping children see their best, knowing this improves their quality of life and early development.

“When kiddos come in, they’re not going to tell you exactly what’s going on because they may not know what perfect vision is,” Dr. Qattan said. “And then once they put the glasses on, it’s that eye-popping moment of seeing the leaves on the trees. That’s one thing that drives me to be an advocate for children.”

Alleviating migraines

Valley Ranch Eye Care is the only Avulux provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is a lens treatment that aims to help patients who suffer from migraines.

According to the Avulux website, the lens works by filtering up to 97% of harmful blue, amber and red light, while allowing up to 70% of soothing green light.

Dr. Qattan said that the next closest practice offering Avulux is in Abilene, making Valley Ranch Eye Care a destination for Dallasites seeking some migraine relief.

High-quality, rare eyewear

After an exam, patients can browse a diverse eyewear selection and sometimes have lenses cut in-house.

“We’re bringing on frames that you can’t really find at other offices,” Dr. Qattan said. “Our commitment to uniqueness mirrors my own individuality, and I believe our practice is a one-of-a-kind place.”
  • MODO Eyewear: When someone purchases frames from MODO Eyewear, the company helps a child see through its Seva Foundation.
  • Eco Eyewear: Eco Eyewear is one of the first carbon negative eyewear brands in the world. For each pair of frames sold, Eco plants a tree.
  • OVVO Optics: OVO frames are made out of titanium, surgical steel that can hold up to 45-pound weights.
  • Etnia Barcelona: Imported from Spain, Etnia Barcelona provides eye-catching, colorful frames for those who like to express their personality or match their outfits to their glasses.
Start your eye care journey

Located at 820 S. MacArthur Blvd, Ste. 135, Dr. Qattan is excited to be accepting patients at the newly completed clinic.

“Give us a chance. You’ll be blown away,” Dr. Qattan said.

Learn more about Valley Ranch Eye Care and request an appointment by visiting

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