Purple Gorilla Media is not just a studio; it's a transformative space that aims to revolutionize content creation. Situated in Montgomery, Texas, the studio embodies commitment to business efficiency and effectiveness.

Their mission? To offer professionals a turnkey solution for video production needs, empowering brands to enhance their market presence.

The background

Purple Gorilla Media came into existence through the vision of Bob Goshen, an owner of multiple successful enterprises. In addition to his business experience, Bob is a professional speaker, the author of several books and a dedicated philanthropist with a passion for assisting those in need.

The origin of Purple Gorilla Media can be traced back to Bob's aspiration to embark on a podcasting venture, which led him to collaborate with his son, Rob Goshen. Initially, Bob established a modest studio, primarily intending it for personal use as he sought to simplify social media content creation for himself.

However, the venture quickly evolved, resulting in the creation of a fully equipped, top-of-the-line studio in Montgomery, equipped with the latest cameras and sound equipment. The studio's reputation soon attracted interest from others eager to utilize its resources.

“I had also written a book, and that attracted the attention of a Top Gun pilot with 20 years of experience and a Navy SEAL veteran with 34 years of service. They reached out, asking for assistance with their book,” Bob said. “We ended up conducting interviews with them, creating short clips and providing intro and outro music—all of which turned out spectacular. They paid for our services, and just like that, we were in business. Then a musician approached us with a similar request, and suddenly, we had a thriving studio.”

Turnkey solutions

Purple Gorilla Media, renowned for its top-tier studio services, embodies Bob's business-centric approach, which places a premium on efficiency. Their vision is to provide a welcoming space where individuals can effortlessly share their content and depart with expertly crafted podcasts, e-courses or promotional materials.

“Our goal is to offer a turnkey solution where professionals can come in, get their video production needs met and ultimately boost their market presence. Currently, I believe there's nothing quite like our studio in this area, and maybe even in Houston,” Bob said. “Purple Gorilla Media is a family venture, with my son and other talented individuals on the team. We also handle live events, such as public speaking engagements, setting up microphones, lights and more.”

Services offered by Purple Gorilla Media

Purple Gorilla Media offers video production services in two settings:
  • In studio: The studio boasts a diverse array of backdrops and is fully equipped with audio and video gear. It's the ideal setting to craft compelling scenes that effectively convey a distinct narrative. A library of high-quality photos, video stories and social media reels are provided to clients.
  • On-site: Sometimes the perfect location for a story may be outside of the studio, so the team at Purple Gorilla Media is ready to travel anywhere in the U.S. Purple Gorilla Media will journey to your chosen location to capture your story in a hands-on, personalized way.
Podcasting services by Purple Gorilla Media:
  • Recording your podcast: Purple Gorilla Media's studio offers a comprehensive solution for podcast recording. The necessary equipment is readily available for individuals to produce podcasts of varying length.
  • Social media content creation: In situations where businesses need help managing social media intricacies like algorithms, graphic creation and website editing, Purple Gorilla Media is able to step in and help. Their services include establishing and managing social media platforms, curating content and extending audience reach on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as editing websites and writing blogs.
Tailored solutions, competitive pricing

Purple Gorilla Media offers a variety of services that can be tailored to various fields, such as music, chiropractic, dentistry, law, professional speaking, and book promotion. They offer a unique service, creating ‘ Lifelegacy Chronicles: Sharing stories through generations., allowing them to share their personal history.

“For this, we bring in individuals like a recent World War II veteran and conducted a heartfelt interview, a perfect gift for your loved ones that can be viewed for years by your children and grandchildren.

We analyze your specific needs and can travel to your location if required, although this may incur an additional cost,” Bob said. “Nevertheless, our pricing is competitive, which includes an extensive interview where we create 30 to 40 social media clips, website content showing your spirit of your organization, multiple professional still shots to be used for your blogs or articles or social media and the use of our drone if needed.

With a relentless commitment to excellence, Purple Gorilla Media is the ideal partner for businesses seeking transformation and growth.

“We aim to stay focused on our expertise, primarily in the business realm. When we engage with entrepreneurs, we have a deep understanding of their mental and financial state, which is our specialty,” Bob said. “As an entrepreneur I understand more deeply the needs of business and how to promote them to the next level”.

When Purple Gorilla Media approaches any potential collaboration, they assess the business from both internal and external perspectives. Internally, Bob shared how the team considers daily tasks, goals, calendars and action plans while externally viewing a business through the eyes of a client, aiming to enhance appeal and draw people closer to the brand.

“We maintain low overhead costs and prioritize caring for our clients. When you work with us, you'll experience the energy, creativity, and dedication we bring to every project,” Bob said. “Our goal is to breathe life into businesses and cultivate lasting relationships.”

Ready to harness the studio's capabilities for professional video production, podcasting, and beyond? Reach out via phone call at 936-206-4513 or visit 19786 Hwy. 105, Ste. 155, Montgomery to take your content to the next level.

The above story was produced by Multi Platform Journalist Holly Galvan with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.