Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has offered personalized tutoring to students of all ages and skill levels to give them the tools and confidence they need to succeed academically. Tutors meet students in their homes to provide in-person instruction and also offer online tutoring.

Starting in spring 2024, students preparing for college will take a redesigned SAT. Owner Sandy Tutwiler sat down with Community Impact to discuss the changes the College Board made to the test and how Tutor Doctor is helping students prepare.

What is Tutor Doctor’s mission?

Tutwiler: Tutor Doctor's mission is to meet students where they are and get them where they need to or want to be. If a student is already ahead and they're not being challenged, then we meet them there and we just keep going with them. If we have a student who is a year or more behind or missing fundamentals, we do everything we can to get them caught up and fill in those gaps.

What services does Tutor Doctor offer to help students succeed?

Tutwiler: We offer regular subject tutoring from pre-K through college. Regardless of the student's grade or subject, we offer help. We also offer ISEE, AP, and SAT/ACT test preparation. College admissions standards changed due to the pandemic and they are continuing to change. We help get our students prepared academically and work with them to get competitive test scores that increase admissions chances, but also help our students earn scholarships.

What changes have been made to the SAT and how does Tutor Doctor prepare students?

Tutwiler: The College Board decided to change the makeup of the SAT. The biggest changes are:
  • After December, it will no longer be offered in a paper format; it is digital only
  • Today's SAT is a little over three hours and the digital SAT will be a little over two hours
  • They are allowing calculators for the entire math section
  • On the reading comprehension section, the new test will have more passages, but the passages are shorter and will have one question per passage
  • Each section will have a standard section every student will take, but then based on how that student does on the first section, the second section of the test could be adaptive
International students applying for college in the United States have been taking the new Digital SAT since March 2023. While there isn't a ton of data yet, we do know overall scores seem to be lower. Math scores for these international students are also lower, indicating the math section is more difficult.

What makes Tutor Doctor different from other SAT prep programs?

Tutwiler: Our program combines one to one coaching with the use of an online student portal to offer drills and practice in the key areas where the student needs the most help. We always start with a practice test so we can customize the preparation for the student. Then, we encourage our students to take a practice test every four to six weeks so we can see how they are pacing with what the coaches are teaching them. I also believe the more practice they have, the better they become and the less anxiety they will have on the day of the test.

What is the best way for parents and students to find more information about Tutor Doctor?

Tutwiler: Visit our website or give us a call at 972-846-4510. We have free consultations to talk about how your student is doing and how we can help.

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