Choosing to rent a home or apartment might seem like the best decision for many people. However, in the long run, there are many financial benefits to owning a home, especially one from Pacesetter Homes.

Pacesetter Homes is a home builder based in the Austin area, with homes located in the Dallas market as well. Their newest townhome development, Center 45, is located along I-45 in Round Rock. There are currently eight units available, with a total of 100 units to be sold throughout the entire community.

“We have homes that really meet the needs of a variety of buyers,” marketing manager Lauren McClung said. “We have a lot of first time homebuyers, young professionals, growing and mature families as well as active adults who are looking to move out in the market or downsize.”

Digging into the details

Pacesetter Homes defines their townhomes as being more apartment style, with multiple units existing within one building. Each home is two stories tall and includes a two-car garage. Each unit contains between three to four bedrooms, giving residents more room than the traditional apartment.

In terms of pricing, the townhomes begin around $375,000. Living in the community provides easy access to hotspot destinations, such as downtown Austin, The Domain and Kalahari Resorts, along with students being zoned to schools in the acclaimed Round Rock ISD.

“The biggest benefit to these homes is its proximity to major roadways like I-45,” McClung said. “So even though you're not living in downtown, you're still so close to everything.”

Choosing renting over buying

Choosing to buy a home versus renting is often seen as an expensive and time-consuming investment due to high interest rates and perceived affordability challenges. However, there's a compelling argument in favor of homeownership. Renting typically means spending a significant amount each month without building any financial security.

“One of the key advantages of homeownership is that it’s an investment in yourself and your future. When you’re renting, the money you allocate towards your monthly rent essentially vanishes, providing no returns or benefits over time. For instance, if you’ve spending $2,000 on rent each month, that amounts to $120,000 in five years, essentially vanishing into thin air,” McClung said. “In contrast, if you direct the same $2,000 monthly payment towards a home purchase, a portion of that payment is going towards building equity in your property. This means you’re not just covering housing expenses; you’re actually increasing your stake in an asset that can appreciate in value over time. This equity can be seen as a form of forced savings, allowing you to accumulate wealth and establish a financial foundation for your future.”

There’s also quite a bit of freedom when it comes to home ownership. When renting an apartment, there’s not much a resident can change while they’re living there. Once someone owns a home, they now have the ability to personalize their space, such as changing the wall color or installing a built-in bookcase.

“When you own a home, it's all on you if you want to change the backsplash or if you want to add an accent wall. Homeownership offers the ability to invest in your life without drastically changing your lifestyle,” McClung said.

Maintaining your home

One of the other misconceptions people have about buying is that all of the maintenance of the home now falls on their shoulders and that they don’t have a built-in handyman that many apartment complexes offer.

However, with Pacesetter Homes, the I-45 community, Center 45, includes front, back and side yard maintenance, as well as maintenance to the outer walls of the home as part of the monthly HOA dues.

“As the home ages, exterior painting, shingle replacement and exterior repairs are taken care of by the HOA,” McClung said. “It feels like you still have that benefit of living in an apartment, with little to no repair cost, especially when you're buying a new construction build home.”

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The above story was produced by Community Impact's Storytelling Senior Multi-Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.