At Four Oaks Medicare Planning, family comes first. Founders Jamon and Paula White are experts in Medicare who specialize in determining the most appropriate Medicare insurance plan for each and every one of their clients. The service is free and helps seniors to find the right fit for their health care needs.

Jamon said spending time with his grandparents during his formative years inspired him to start the family-first insurance company. He saw the challenges his grandparents faced as their health began to decline, and health care became more complicated and confusing.

“You need an advocate who can really walk with you and help you,” he said. “I did that with my grandparents, and now I'm in my 40s and I've walked with my parents in the same way. I just love helping seniors through that. They're a vulnerable population, and I just consider it a privilege every day to be able to educate people.”

As an independent insurance brokerage, Four Oaks can truly take an unbiased approach to Medicare plans and focus on the client’s specific needs.

Paula said one thing she’d like clients to know is that the service is free. When people work with an auto or life insurance broker, they pay the insurance company, not the agent—it’s the exact same way for them.

“Whether you call the insurance companies directly or use our service to find the best plan, it’s free,” she said. “A lot of people don't realize that you can get unbiased help, they just think it'll be cheaper for them to figure it out on their own. But really, this is one of the few industries where DIY is actually a disservice, because there's no way you can know it all.”

The experts are compensated through the insurance companies, just like all other insurance brokers, and because Four Oaks is independent, there’s no hidden agenda to push clients one way or another, Paula said.

In addition to the service being free, Four Oaks is also local, located right off of Industrial Oaks and Hwy 290. For seniors who are looking for health care answers and insight, this is so important, because having someone local means clients will talk to the same person.

“You can call us directly and it'll be the same person,” he said. “Whereas if you go to the company, you're just going to call the 800 number, and you’ll get passed around to other departments.”

The couple helps find the best health plan for its clients. As a Medicare beneficiary, one of the best ways to make sure your Medicare plan still fits your needs is to check in during the Annual Election Period. The Annual Election Period runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 each year.

During this period, enrollees can make changes to their Medicare plans. In addition, new plan benefits come out for 2024 during this time, and many things can change.

Jamon said it’s important for clients to have an expert review their plan because the market changes and the government changes the rules.

“It's very important for a senior to have a review, because you don't want to find out in January that your prescription is no longer covered,” he said. “If they don't have someone advising them, it's a real danger that they'll be stuck in a plan that they may not want anymore, and they may not know it until it's too late to change.”

Jamon said that while Medicare is a majority of what the brokerage works on, under 65 health insurance is also a component of what the company offers. Whether seniors are trying to make the decision to go onto Medicare and their spouse needs under 65 coverage, the brokerage is comprehensive in its planning for people.

Looking to set up a consultation? It’s simple—here’s what to expect:
  • First, clients will set up a 15-minute appointment. During that time, they’ll provide information about who their doctors are, what medications they take and anything else they should know about.
  • Next, a Four Oaks representative will schedule a follow-up with the client to talk about what they think could be a good fit for the client.
Jamon said his goal is to make it as simple as possible for the client, because they can get inundated with information and it might be difficult to know who to trust.

“You can read our reviews and what people repeat over and over again is how much easier it was to work with us than they thought it would be,” he said. “We try to be accessible and make it really easy to set up.”

Ready to schedule your appointment? Visit to learn more about the services and resources available at Four Oaks Medicare Planning. The brokerage is located at 5424 W. U.S. Hwy. 290 Service Road, Ste. 209, Austin, Texas. To get connected with Jamon, call 512-298-5404 or email Jamon directly at [email protected].

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