Imagine a self-sustaining ecosystem with the vision of encompassing over 30 million homes, where members can readily access housing, technology, services and products to enhance their daily lives. That vision has become a reality with ManageLife.

Based in San Antonio, ManageLife is pioneering innovative approaches to life management, striving to make attaining a home both achievable and affordable for families across the United States.

“We take the best parts of renting and the best parts of homeownership. That’s what our model is made of,” said Lesley Heinrich, Vice President of Business Relations.

On top of creating a model where families of diverse income levels can get into a home, ManageLife utilizes its proprietary digital platform to help them maintain every aspect of their home. With the ManageLife app, members can access a multitude of services and technicians:
  • Home installations & repairs (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structural, security)
  • Appliance repairs
  • Device management (computers, phones, tablets)
  • Concierge & delivery services
  • Household services (cleaning, yard maintenance, pet care, moving)
  • Auto services (towing, purchases, rentals)
  • Warranties
  • Medical (currently in the planning stage)
How it works

Families can choose a home for sale in any neighborhood and work with ManageLife to put down 2% of the home’s price after they qualify for the loan. This can be financed over one to two years to minimize the initial payment.

ManageLife owns the home, but the family lives in it with the freedom to make any changes they want. Changing wall paint colors, flooring, kitchen countertops and light fixtures are just a few examples of the choices and changes they can make.

When a family moves into their home, they will already have their membership agreement in place with ManageLife. This includes all the services offered from the app, the ability to make changes to their home and no long-term leases.

“However long you would like to live in the house is up to you. And the monthly payment never goes up,” said Alicia Ortega, ManageLife Marketing Director.

One of the advantages of renting is the ability to move quickly. With ManageLife, members can give as little as a 30-day notice before moving. In addition, ManageLife can help members find another house upon moving, with the option to continue the ManageLife membership and make the transition seamless.

“Our main goal is getting families into homes no matter what they can afford. We believe this is an important first step, an important first piece for any family,” said Heinrich.

ManageLife does a house inventory before a family moves in to spot any necessary repairs or replacements. All the information is stored in the app— from the size of the air conditioner vents to the kinds of light bulbs used, everything is easily accessible. It is even possible to store documents, such as homeowners, health and car insurance policies on the app.

After move-in, members can earn reward tokens each month, which can be redeemed for products or services. It is also possible to gift a down payment. ManageLife makes it a simple process.

“We’ve seen grandparents gift a membership to their grandchild,” said Heinrich. “If you’ve ever tried to give a gift to someone to pay for a down payment on a home, the red tape you have to go through for that is mind boggling.”

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