Dr. Jennifer Buchanan has built her practice around her strong desire to care for her McKinney community. Buchanan Orthodontics, located at 6595 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 100, is unique in Buchanan’s commitment to patients both in and outside the office.

Dr. Buchanan believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, so she makes oral health accessible to patients of every age through the innovative technology she uses.

“I have patients in their eighties that are having treatment,” Dr. Buchanan said. “With the technology that we use in our practice, such as our Insignia Custom Braces and our Spark Aligners, we can treat any age, without surgery or headgear.”

Braces can be a form of preventative care, Dr. Buchanan said. When the patients’ teeth are crowded and they are unable to floss, it’s difficult to keep the mouth clean. This can lead to heart problems, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. The inclusive approach to orthodontics ensures that everyone can enjoy a confident smile and good overall health.

Her inclusivity extends beyond the office to nonprofit work, including the Shoes for Smiles program.

Dr. Buchanan had been volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club for several years doing dental health presentations when she was inspired to start the Shoes for Smiles program in 2014. She noticed that many kids did not have the supplies or clothes they needed to start a new school year, and felt a desire to help meet this need.

Patients bring in old clothing and shoes, which are then sent for recycling. The funds generated from recycling, along with contributions from other donors, help purchase new shoes for children who need them.

What makes Shoes for Smiles unique is that it is more than a financial contribution.

“It's even more fun because we actually take all the kids shopping,” Dr. Buchanan said. “Volunteers, my staff and my patients help the kids pick out their new shoes and it's amazing to see the joy on their faces.”

Over 1,200 new pairs of shoes have been given and over 42,000 pounds of pre-owned clothing and shoes have been donated since the start of the program.

Dr. Buchanan's commitment to her community goes hand in hand with her professional achievements as she is celebrating 27 years of business this year. Many of her staff members have worked with her for the majority of that time.

“You get that feeling of a family when you get to have that continuity with patients and their families,” Dr. Buchanan said. “We feel like our patients become part of our family and it's neat to see them grow.”

Several of Dr. Buchanan’s patients are coming back for their children to get braces and they enjoy seeing the same staff members.

“Having that continuity makes people feel good,” she said. “We’ve got a good, stable team that really cares about our patients.”

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