On-Site PC Services has provided a wide range of IT services to businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro and across the U.S. since 2001. In this Q&A, founder Brian Davis and co-owner Joe Craven discuss how their business differentiates itself through strong client relationships, proactive cybersecurity measures and adapting to industry changes.

Since 2001, On-Site PC Services has been a beacon of quality IT services not just for businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, but across the U.S. In this Q&A, founder Brian Davis and co-owner Joe Craven unpack the ingredients behind their success, emphasizing their unparalleled client relationships, forward-thinking cybersecurity measures, and adaptability to evolving industry dynamics.

What’s your elevator pitch?

Davis: We act as the IT department for businesses ranging from 10 to 500 employees. We handle the daily operations for all IT and cybersecurity needs, so that company leadership can focus their attention on what’s essential: driving their core business.

Where did you get the idea to start On-Site PC Services?

Davis: I started the company 23 years ago. I worked at Texas Instruments and dabbled in computer repairs during my free time. Initially, our focus was residential IT, which involved home visits, hence “On-Site PC Services.” Today, our core focus is strictly business-oriented, providing proactive support with most tasks handled remotely. Physical site visits occur primarily for equipment installation or replacement.

Have you always been interested in computers?

Davis: Interestingly, not initially. My Dad worked at Texas Instruments for 30 plus years, and often brought computers home, and that didn’t interest me much until I got an entry-level help desk job. That was the spark that ignited my passion for technology. Fast forward to today, and I still have the drive to learn new technologies, mentor our technicians, and the passion for finding IT solutions that work for our clients.

What makes your business unique?

Davis: Most IT pros are hyper-focused on technology, whereas we’ve learned how to stay current with technology, while placing a lot of focus on our clients’ business needs. We spend time learning about their business and helping to advise on managing risk and spending smartly. Those are just natural ways to build relationships, and that’s what’s kept our retention so high over the years.

Craven: Brian mentioned smart spending and that’s one place where I think we really shine. We are as conscious of our clients’ budgets as we are our own. Sometimes that means spending a little more on business-class hardware and cloud solutions, but the soft costs of downtime can be immeasurably expensive. Our standard technology stacks – and our recommendations when a client needs to go “off-menu” – help to ensure uptime.

How has On-Site PC Services changed since you opened?

Craven: Every client used to have a physical server. A lot of what we’ve been doing in the last few years has been moving clients’ information to the cloud. This has allowed our clients to have a more mobile workforce and enabled things like working from home. That’s been a huge shift in the last 10 years.

Davis: Cybersecurity is a much bigger world than when we started, and viruses were mostly just annoying. Technical controls like firewalls, modern anti-virus solutions, and multi-factor authentication have done a lot for our defenses, but humans still make mistakes. We do a lot more today than in the past to run test phishing campaigns and provide security awareness training to help with that softer side of the defenses.

AI has also found its way into many areas of technology and everyday life. We are constantly evaluating AI for our own needs while keeping our minds open to how it can serve the needs of our clients. We’re already helping to shepherd a few of our clients on this journey and it’s been really fun.

How would you describe your relationships with your clients?

We have three or four clients that have been since 2002, and our life-to-date retention rate is over 90 percent. Part of that retention success is in our responsiveness. We already mentioned the other strengths in our client relationships, but they have a lot to do with knowing our clients and giving them sound advice as they grow. Clients typically stay around a lot longer because they understand that we’re delivering great value through a true partnership.

Craven: Longevity speaks volumes. We have several clients who’ve been with us since 2002, and our retention rate over our lifespan is an impressive 90%. This isn’t merely due to our swift ticket close times - averaging about 29 minutes – but also our commitment to understanding and advising our clients as they flourish. They recognize the value we bring to the table through genuine collaboration and increase uptime.

What is one thing you want the community to know about On-Site PC Services?

Craven: Every client of ours is an investment of ours. Brian and I know the story with every client and what their strategy is. We are invested in their success, because their success only helps our own. Our clients are not just numbers to us. They are our partners.

On-Site PC Services is located at 1415 Cannon Pkwy, Ste. 120, Roanoke.

To schedule an appointment, visit ospcservices.com.

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