Sept. 21 is going to be a big day for My Possibilities. After years of planning, building and working with the community, the Employment Innovations School, powered by Bread Financial, is set to launch with a ribbon cutting to open a second building on campus.

“We are excited to share the culmination of years of hard work with families and community partners who will be most impacted by this new program,” Mandy Noerper, Director of Vocational Services, said.

Part of the Communities Foundation of Texas North Texas Giving Day, My Possibilities will welcome city and state dignitaries and everyone else who wants to be part of this exciting new phase to an open house. For 15 years, My Possibilities has improved the lives of people in North Texas with Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD).

Now, as the first semester of their vocational school begins on Oct. 2, My Possibilities will open the doors of the new building to their HIPsters (Highly Important People).

The nine-month program will offer six different tracks to choose from, including:

• Retail

• Administration

• Technology

• Facilities

• Hospitality

• Culinary

Over 100 HIPsters are currently qualified and approved to participate in the program but applications are still being accepted. It is possible for HIPsters already participating in the Lifelong Learning Program at My Possibilities to also attend the new vocational program if they choose. At the end of the nine-month program, students who study one of the six tracks can receive a certification stating they have successfully completed the course work.

“We incorporated a skills-based assessment into our admissions process to ensure that incoming HIPsters are investing their time in coursework that helps them meet their specific goals and needs,” Noerper said.

Real-world training begins from day one in the program. Hands-on instruction with practical application is a focal point of the course work. Whether it’s learning how to set a formal dining table in the culinary program or working remotely in a lab setting with an instructor in the technology department, the student is taught applicable skills to land a job.

“Our goal is to impact HIPster lives and our community through this diverse, qualified workforce,” said Noerper.

To help work toward that goal, My Possibilities enlisted the help of their Corporate Engagement Council. The initiative works with corporations to educate them about inclusive hiring practices and to bolster engagement.

The council strives to help create corporate awareness of the untapped workforce available, foster a company culture of inclusiveness and seek job opportunities for their HIPsters by aligning skill sets for certain jobs. They also offer tours of the campus where they host corporations where they can get a better understanding of the essence of the program and to meet HIPsters.

The rewards for corporations are readily apparent by acquiring an employee who is good at their job, loyal, and wants to stay with the company. And in return, the employee feels welcomed and respected.

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