Teaming up with small businesses, Katy Premier Primary Care is paving the way for the adoption of a direct primary care model as an effective solution for business owners facing the surging costs of health insurance premiums. Founded by Dr. Chinelo Okoye, Katy Premier Primary Care is dedicated to delivering primary care that centers around the pivotal doctor-patient relationship, which she says is an integral aspect of the direct primary care model.

Katy Premier Primary Care membership is ideal for a wide range of individuals seeking improved access to high-quality healthcare despite their current coverage status.

How the model benefits businesses

This model establishes a direct patient-doctor relationship through a monthly membership fee. Patients benefit from accessible and timely care, with numerous services covered by the membership.

The monthly membership fees for employees' direct primary care can be fully covered by the employer or shared with employees.

“The approach involves specialized benefits advisors who combine direct primary care with specific health insurance plans, resulting in significant savings on health insurance premiums,” Dr. Okoye said. “By incorporating direct primary care into these plans, employers can provide quality care to their employees at a reasonable cost. In essence, this approach offers a solution for businesses facing these challenges.”

The combination of the direct primary care model and specific insurance plans empowers employers to improve employee well-being, reduce hospitalization costs, and maintain top-tier health coverage while efficiently controlling healthcare expenditures.

“The savings generated through this approach are twofold. To begin with,direct primary care itself results in significant savings for employers. Then, the type of insurance plan itself contributes to the savings. This dynamic plan yields cost transparency, allowing employers to optimize the plan's efficiency,” Dr. Okoye said.

Unlike traditional insurance, these plans grant complete insight into where money goes and how it's employed, Dr. Okoye said. This transparency empowers employers to tailor their approach for optimal cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of joining Katy Premier Primary Care

  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Unlimited office or virtual visits with no additional fees and no copays
  • Coordination with specialists as needed
  • Deeply discounted labs and imaging, often at a fraction of what insurance pays
  • Extended visits as needed
  • Ability to reach the doctor directly by texting through an app
  • Experienced physicians who are able to manage several different conditions

The patient-centric approach

Dr. Okoye said that due to their smaller patient loads, direct primary care physicians can offer targeted care to patients who require additional assistance in achieving and maintaining good health. Because physicians are able to pay closer attention to patients, they can help prevent chronic ailments and enhance the management of existing conditions, which can ultimately avert costly hospitalizations.

“Under this model, patients establish a direct connection with their doctor,” Dr. Okoye said. “Operating with a limited number of patients—unlike traditional practices with hundreds or thousands—allows for meticulous, efficient care. In our case, our patient capacity doesn't exceed 400, ensuring accessible, high-quality service.”

The utilization of remote capabilities also enhances cost savings within the direct primary care approach. Dr. Okoye highlighted that their approach differs from traditional methods that rely on billable appointments.

For example, prescription refills for conditions like Hypertension no longer require in-person visits. Patients can share their blood pressure logs, enabling remote management. This helps reduce unnecessary appointments and prevents avoidable visits to the ER or urgent care, which are known to drive up costs.

Dr. Okoye also noted the personal connections she forges with her patients.

“The personalized, unhurried nature of direct primary care allows for more thorough management of patients' health conditions. The doctor-patient relationship's depth ensures that complicated cases receive dedicated attention, preventing over-referral to specialists,” Dr. Okoye said.

Overall, the direct primary care model offers a solution for small business owners struggling with rising healthcare expenses and helps to foster overall cost savings, enhance employee well-being, and provide a high standard of care.

Curious to learn more? Empower your business with innovative healthcare strategies at Katy Premier Primary Care, located at 633 E, Fernhurst Drive, Ste. 1203 in Katy.

The above story was produced by Multi-platform Journalist Holly Galvan with Community Impact's Storytelling team with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.