Candace Fraser, a Texas educator for almost two decades, took a leap of faith when deciding to pursue an avenue of income that would allow her flexibility and more time to spend with her daughter.

A close family friend had opened up a SugaringNYC Organic Waxing and Lash Studio that was doing well and recommended she should pursue it for an opportunity to transition out of the field of education. Determined to follow her dream, she did her research, made her decision and was ready for the next step—choosing where to set up shop—which came easily.

“Montgomery doesn't have a sugaring or waxing spot. Why don't we open it up and be the first?” Fraser said. “It's a blossoming area. There are a lot of new ventures going up. There's lots of growth happening in Montgomery. I live here. I love living here in Montgomery. Why not Montgomery?”

Fraser opened up Sugaring NYC-Montgomery at 20212 Eva St., Ste. 130, on May 24 and is hosting a grand opening celebration on Sept. 19. Now and throughout the week of the grand opening, the business will be collecting entries for drawings to award 50 swag bags, containing a water bottle, makeup bag, mirror, a stress ball and contributions from other local businesses. The business also currently has discounts running from now until the end of September, and any sugaring service booked on Sept. 19th will be 50% off.

But what exactly is sugaring and how does it differ from waxing?

The ingredients

Unlike waxing, sugaring is organic, all-natural and only made with three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. This means that the residue can easily be wiped off of the skin, and it only requires the hair being removed to be as long as grain of rice. The solution is even edible.

The process

Traditional waxing usually requires the waxing solution to be applied to the skin at a very hot temperature, be spread around with an applicator and then removed by laying a waxing sheet down and ripping the hair off. With sugaring, the solution is applied at room temperature, which doesn’t irritate the skin.

The pain factor

Sugaring is traditionally less painful than waxing due to the mild temperature of the solution and because it is able to get to the root of the hair follicle while waxing often breaks the hair in half.

“A lot of people like it much better than waxing because the heat factor isn't there,” Fraser said. “With waxing, a lot of people get really, really red and stay really red for a long time because of the heat and then the discomfort of the heat. Sugaring you don't have that heat element.”

The aftercare

With the temperature of the solution not affecting the skin, customers are able to go about their day without noticeable signs of having just been sugared. Sugaring NYC also offers sugaring scrubs, lotions and other products to complement their services.

In addition to sugaring, Sugaring NYC offers the following services:To book an appointment or learn more about the sugaring process, visit the Sugaring NYC website or call the studio at 936-597-4187. Click here to enter the raffle.

The above story was produced by Community Impact's Storytelling Senior Multi-Platform Journalist Sierra Rozen with information solely provided by the local business as part of their "sponsored content" purchase through our advertising team.