Finding the right provider for senior health care can be tricky due to accessibility and the presence of various health conditions. To help combat this, One Medical Seniors provides primary care across the nation for seniors on Medicare, and makes sure the care is convenient and comfortable for their patients.

Community Impact sat down with field outreach representative Kerwin Jones to learn about One Medical Seniors and their unique approach to primary care for seniors.

Can you introduce One Medical Seniors and provide an overview of the health care model?

We are a doctor’s office and primary care provider that services the Medicare population. Our mission is to make quality care affordable, accessible and joyful for seniors. Our care team consists of primary care providers, health coaches and other health professionals, and they do a great job of working with our patients, their families, their caregivers and specialists to provide the best care possible.

One thing I love about One Medical Seniors is we're not just here for patients when they're sick or injured. We help with physical and mental health goals, management of chronic illness, and overall, help seniors live a better, healthier life.

One Medical Seniors offers several advantages to patients. Could you highlight the key features and benefits?

Whenever you have a doctor’s appointment, our care team takes the time to review your medical history, talk about your health goals, and make sure we have a plan in place with all of your care providers. This gives us the opportunity to find out everything we need to know about you and gives you the opportunity to be involved in your care plan. We also offer same-day and next-day appointments for seniors, because sometimes you wake up not feeling well and want to see a provider right away.

We also have on-site labs, so you don't have to run all over town to get lab work done. It's kind of like your one-stop shop. That's important because, especially in Houston alone, a lot of seniors don't like to drive in high-traffic areas. We coordinate care for our patients, which means we work with their families, their specialists and hospitals to ensure our patients get seamless care.

As a healthcare provider focused on seniors, how do you ensure accessibility and convenience for this specific demographic?

We have six locations throughout the Houston area; we also have exceptional One Medical Seniors locations across the country. All of our locations are specifically designed for adults that are 65 and above and those on Medicare. Whenever you come to one of our locations, the first thing a patient is going to notice is you're not going to have anyone sitting behind a glass wall asking you to fill out paperwork. You’ll be greeted by a member of our care team who will let your provider know you’ve arrived. We want it to feel like a senior is walking into their own living room when they come to one of our locations.

Can you share details about how One Medical Seniors events aim to connect seniors and promote better health outcomes?

We love going into the community and building relationships with patients. We do events at assisted living centers, senior homes and trade shows. We also invite seniors to come in and tour our facilities to get to know us better and ask questions about anything, including Medicare. We host in-office events like bingo because it keeps seniors alert and activated. We encourage people to bring friends and family as well.

How does One Medical Seniors help seniors manage multiple health conditions and provide comprehensive care to its patients?

The primary care provider is the patients' first point of contact for all their health care needs. I think it's important because it brings a peace of mind that comes with having a trusted adviser in your corner. We ensure well-coordinated referrals. We work with hospitals in the area, allowing patients to go to hospitals of their choice. If a patient needs to see a specialist for follow-up, we can provide the referral and transfer the medical records on behalf of the patient.

With preventive care, we can identify issues early and develop a treatment plan with the patient. Chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension or dementia can be difficult to prevent and manage on their own, so the patient, provider and care team work together to manage those conditions.

Mental health is a really important part of the full picture. We have a behavior specialist at all of our locations who specialize and can help patients identify and manage areas of stress. If the patient needs a referral to a specialist for more in-depth counseling service, we can do that as well.

Seniors who are interested in switching providers are encouraged to visit a One Medical Seniors office or call 855-977-0652. To learn more about One Medical Seniors and the services they offer, visit the website here.

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