On a typical weekday morning at Pipe World’s new stand-alone store in Round Rock, every leather recliner in the cigar lounge is occupied. New hires working in the region’s booming semiconductor industry sit side by side with retirees, engaging in discussions about current events and enjoying sports broadcasts while savoring their cigars.

The Haass family, who has owned and operated Pipe World since 1983, said they often arrive at work to find customers waiting on the porch before the doors open. While enjoying sodas and coffee or bringing their own alcohol to store in on-site lockers is a perk, it is the unrivaled inventory and the expertise of the staff that keeps customers coming back.

Over the past four decades, the Haass family has traversed the globe, immersed themselves in the industry, overcome legislative hurdles and established themselves as true tobacco experts.

Four generations of the Haass family have worked at Pipe World at some point in their lives, but currently Gayle and Georgiana Haass run the stores with their two children, Kyle Haass & Kim Weigers.

Among many other tasks critical to running a successful cigar business that the family tackles together on a daily basis, each one has a primary focus. Kyle ensures the tobacco inventory is varied and abundant; Georgiana sources artisan gifts; Kim manages the finances; and Gayle fosters camaraderie among the family, the staff and the patrons.

“One man used to come into the lounge because he said he loved to hear us argue about where we were going to lunch, and he just wanted to see who won the disagreement,” Georgiana said. “We’re just that way, and it’s amazing to me that we still work so well and cohesively together.”

A fully stocked wagon

One principle the Haass family has always agreed upon is keeping the stores fully stocked with diverse inventory. Pipe World orders directly from manufacturers rather than from distributors, forging personal connections and ensuring the availability of the highest-quality products.

“[Georgiana] is a firm believer, ever since the beginning, [in that] we’re going to sell from a full wagon, and the store has always been fully stocked,” Kyle said.

Pipe World boasts an impressive assortment of pipes, each one a masterpiece of craftsmanship. From timeless shapes that evoke nostalgia to contemporary designs, the inventory caters to every discerning pipe aficionado.

Cigar connoisseurs will be delighted to find Pipe World’s collection encompassing the entire spectrum of flavor profiles, strengths and sizes. Their humidors house both renowned brands and hidden gems, with cigar prices ranging from $2.50 to $45 a piece.

For those who appreciate the art of blending, Pipe World’s inventory of premium tobacco is a true treasure trove. Carefully sourced from regions around the world, the selection includes a rich variety of pipe tobacco blends and specialty mixtures.

Beyond the extensive tobacco offerings, Pipe World prides itself on a thoughtfully curated gift selection. Customers can explore an array of unique items including art, jewelry, collegiate merchandise, games, ornaments, knives and more.

Outstanding customer experiences

What sets Pipe World apart is not only the quality of their products, but also their commitment to exceptional customer service. Whether someone is a seasoned enthusiast or a novice exploring the world of tobacco smoking, Pipe World ensures a personalized experience that exceeds expectations.

“If you’re not knowledgeable about cigars, you shouldn’t be in the cigar business. If somebody’s wanting a certain something, you have to be able to pull it out of your head and figure out the varieties that we can offer [them],” Kyle said.

At any experience level, Pipe World experts are eager to provide recommendations based on preferences and share valuable insights to all newcomers.

Drawing a parallel to wine, Kim said, “Cigars require finding a language that bridges the gap between customer and seller.”

With every visit, customers can expect to find not only the finest cigars, pipes and tobacco blends, but also a warm and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the art of indulgence and camaraderie. In the ever-changing landscape of the tobacco industry, Pipe World stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a family business that prioritizes quality and people.

Pipe World has two thriving locations: One in Round Rock at 1100 McNeil Road and another in Austin at 2900 W. Anderson Lane. To discover more about Pipe World, visit pipeworld.com.

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