Mayfair is a community being developed in New Braunfels by SouthStar Communities just north of downtown along I-35. It will feature districts for dining, shopping and more as well as a variety of homes. Thad Rutherford, CEO and President of SouthStar, discusses below how Mayfair will create a thoughtful and inspired new community in New Braunfels.

What is the broad vision for the community of Mayfair?

Rutherford: We’re based in New Braunfels, and we care about what happens here. We put a lot of effort into planning a community like Mayfair. That’s who we are as a development company. We think about how this community will live 10, 20 years from now. As a team, we talk about how it will grow organically and how we can create things that are solving some of the region's issues - like affordable housing and creating more jobs within the community.

Mayfair is called “town with a side of country.” What does that mean?

Rutherford: This is going to be a place where children are going to school, a place where people are active and healthy and go to work and meet new people. It’s really the whole idea of “small town modern” and taking all the great things about the Hill Country and New Braunfels, all the things people love, and putting them together into a community where people can grow and be successful, and enjoy their quality of life.

Mayfair is also heavily involved with thoughtful development of the land. Will you talk more about that?

Rutherford: We are partnering with New Braunfels Utilities and the city of New Braunfels Parks Department to help with the structure of the region. We plan for over 300 acres of public parks and 35 miles of connected trailways. Those things are probably not what a regular developer would say is on their priority list, but this is a passion for us as a team. And we really like what we do.

What kind of homes will be built in Mayfair?

Rutherford: We will have single family homes as well as attached or townhomes. There will also be multi-family options. Homes will be for sale as well as for rent. The price ranges are going to be broad because I think that’s what creates great communities — the ability for people to rent or buy at different price points in different phases of their life. The diversity in housing is very important for us.

When we designed the community, we worked with the city of New Braunfels and New Braunfels Utilities to come up with a water conservation plan for the fixtures that will go into the houses and the irrigation that will go in front of the houses.

Mobility within Mayfair has been a big focus in the plan. Would you explain that?

Rutherford: Connectivity is a huge part of Mayfair. We worked with the city on mobility and connectivity for both pedestrians and vehicles. We limited block lengths so pedestrians can cut through easily to access the trailways and get around the community. From a traffic perspective, it’s more efficient but it also promotes walkability throughout the neighborhood. We’re also going to have a dedicated bike lane that will connect three out of the four schools as well as the parks and residential and retail districts.

Along with the residential part of Mayfair there will also be a commercial part. Can you describe what that will look like?

Rutherford: On the east side of I-35, Midtown District will be in the center of the community. That will be the main amenity area, which will encompass retail and office space as well as a recreation park that will be known as Midtown Plaza. There also will be commercial areas along I-35 on the east side as well as light industrial and commercial districts on the west side of I-35. In total, we expect over 2,000 jobs to be added to the region at completion.

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