For Texans, Amarillo National Bank is more than just a financial institution. With its rich history, unparalleled flexibility and focus on customer satisfaction, ANB proves that a bank's personality holds more value than interest rates or account options.

"We're part of a Texas banking legacy that's over 130 years old," says Julio J. Jauregui, Amarillo National Bank’s Austin market president.

Amarillo National Bank was established in 1892 in the Texas Panhandle by cattleman B.T. Ware, shortly after the completion of Austin's Capitol building. The bank remains fully owned by the Ware family, now in its fifth generation.

"It's the largest family-owned bank in the United States. It started in Texas, and it's still owned and operated by Texans," says Jauregui.

Since its inception, ANB has extended its banking legacy into Austin, College Station, San Antonio and Fort Worth. Its emphasis on community and stability sets ANB apart from its rivals, many of whom are publicly traded.

A customer-centric approach is ingrained in ANB’s culture. As a Texas family-owned bank, commercial bankers like Jauregui can respond swiftly to fulfill the financing requirements of business customers.

"From the top down, you're always going to hear 'customers come first,'" he said. "You'll hear it from the Ware family, and you'll hear it from all loan officers. You hear it from tellers at every branch, from Amarillo to Fort Worth to Austin. We are customer-driven and customer-focused."

ANB also prioritizes giving back in big ways, having donated over $5 million to local communities across Texas.

"More than anything, we support our Texas communities and like to have lots of fun. Last year we donated over $200,000 to local Austin nonprofits," Jauregui said. "Being the largest private wholly family-owned bank in the United States allows us to service our customers completely differently than most banks."

With ANB, customers will never have to deal with an automated call center.

“If you call us, you’ll talk to a person,” Jauregui said. “That phone call will be answered in Texas. You’ll talk to a Texan.”

In terms of its size, ANB is in the "sweet spot" of banking because it is large enough to meet customers' needs, but not too large to impede service. The bank's size allows it to be nimble and attentive to individual needs, while also offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet a wide range of financial needs.

For many customers, especially those working on commercial projects, ANB's size can be a significant advantage. Smaller community banks or credit unions might not have as much flexibility with financing opportunities. Enormous Wall Street banks end up fenced in by red tape, making them slow to respond to the community.

“Being family-owned gives us the lending authority to get things done quickly. For instance, we can make fast, local decisions on loans,” Jauregui says. “It’s difficult for really big banks to be agile when they’re answering to Wall Street.”

Best of all, ANB does not answer to outside shareholders. Family ownership helps it prioritize customers, community involvement and investment, which makes ANB a great place to work.

“I love what I do,” Jauregui says. “We take money seriously, but more than anything we support our Texas communities and like to have fun. This isn’t just a job. We are here to make our communities better and stronger.”

ANB's community-focused approach has earned it regular recognition and accolades. For 21 years running, it has been named Amarillo's Best Bank and Best Mortgage Company for 17 years. The bank has also consistently been honored with various local market awards, such as Best Financial Planner, Best Customer Service, Best Customer Culture, and Best Bank in Texas, as recognized by American Banker Magazine in 2013.

“The best part of my job is the people I get to interact with every single day. We have an amazing customer base and a bunch of pretty cool bankers,” Jauregui said.

With all of the tools and support needed to better serve customers, Jauregui encourages all Texans who are seeking a truly exceptional banking experience to discover the difference with Amarillo National Bank.

“If the things mentioned above are important to you, we’d be honored to be your bank and take good care of your financial needs,” Jauregui said.

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