Before Thane and Pari Annamalai opened San Antonio Paints, they learned the hard way why buying quality paint matters. Years ago they decided to paint a small 200-square-foot room in their home.

The couple went to a “big box store” and purchased the highest quality paint available, which was advertised as being a combination of primer and paint. They began their project with the expectation of everything going smoothly—but that wasn’t how it turned out.

“We started painting, and the walls just kept drinking up gallons and gallons of paint. And what we thought might be three gallons of paint – maybe four – ended up being thirteen gallons,” said Thane Annamalai, who co-owns San Antonio Paints with her husband Pari.

It was a difficult lesson to learn that paint quality makes a huge difference when painting a room. But since then, the couple opened San Antonio Paints with the commitment to help others get superior painting results. With their team of experts and color consultants, they not only assist customers with finding the right paint, but educate them about how Benjamin Moore delivers with product and selection.

One of the key factors which sets Benjamin Moore apart is that their proprietary colorant technology makes it possible to create over 3,500 colors. The colorant is specifically designed for the paint bases from Benjamin Moore. That creates a seamless compatibility resulting in a vibrancy of wall color which isn’t present with bases from an outside source.

Another point that sets the paint apart is the coverage quality. Benjamin Moore has developed products specific for particular substrates and certain applications. And by consulting with the experts at San Antonio paints, they can recommend exact paints for individual jobs.

“For example, if you have a high traffic area with pets and kids, you want a paint with more resilience,” said Pari Annamalai. “We have a product called Scuff-X that resists scuffing and that’s based on technology that Benjamin Moore has developed.”

Excellent customer service is a hallmark of San Antonio Paints. What can initially be a daunting task of choosing the right color and sheen is simplified by their expertise.

The color consultant on staff can help narrow down the more than 150 shades of off white, for example, to the distinct shade a customer is looking for. The paint experts then guide customers on the sheen – from flat to extra gloss – that will work best for their room. Plus, San Antonio Paints offers eight-ounce testers for customers to take home to see a sample of the color in their room.

They also carry a full line of accessories from painter’s tape, to paint trays, to a variety of paint rollers and more. Pari cautions that “a paint roller isn’t a paint roller.” San Antonio Paints offers a variety of paint rollers for specific wall textures. They guide customers through the process of choosing the right tools for their project and explain “the tricks of the trade” for the best results.

“We’ve spent hours and days with customers to make sure they’re happy,” said Pari Annamalai. It is all part of the commitment the Annamalais have made to everyone who comes into their store.

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