Tucked away off Hwy. 290, a hidden gem awaits inside a building that could easily be passed by if someone was unaware of its treasures. One-of-a-kind locale Primal Gallery is breaking the mold and paving the way for local and fine art of all mediums to live in harmony under one roof.

The artists’ paradise was dreamt up by Joe Lednicky, who began his engineering career at NASA. He continued his engineering and business pursuits working at various high-tech companies, all along without much involvement in the arts.

In 2017, Lednicky became the primary caretaker for his cognitively-impaired parents. It was while visiting elderly patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that Lednicky marveled at how art and music impacted the patients’ movement and mood positively.

Thus, Lednicky embarked on a newfound passion. Primal Gallery was established in 2022 and is a mesmerizing melting pot of artwork made by artists from diverse backgrounds and through differing channels.

“Primal Gallery is not your traditional gallery,” Lednicky said.

For example, Primal Gallery exhibits new artists’ work right next to established artists. It does not impose requirements on the artists to co-op, pay for wall space, nor does it put limitations on the artists on what other galleries they can exhibit at.

“Most artists have primary jobs and then their hobby is art, when it should be the other way around. They should be able to support themselves,” Lednicky said.

In the aesthetic wonderland, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media and photography hang side-by-side above tables of jewelry, sculptures and wood carvings. Museum-quality artifacts on loan, including some from the World War II era, are intermixed in the retail offerings as additional items of visual interest.

“My vision for the gallery was that I wanted to offer fine art, but do it in a manner where I offer affordable art ranging from a few dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars,” Lednicky said.

Subject matters are “as diverse as you can imagine,” and of the 50+ artists exhibiting at the gallery, the majority are local. The remainder are established international artists whose work have shown in European exhibits and other major galleries in the United States.

“I have new artists that other galleries would not invite for showings unless they had previously exhibited,” Lednicky said. “Everyone needs a break, and so I try to keep it very simple. Any artist that comes in here and is willing to work with me, I guarantee one of their pieces will be a major display.”

For those looking to fill their home or office with eclectic belongings, Lednicky’s knowledge of each of the artists and their personal journeys helps guide customers to pieces that have a meaningful connection to their own lives.

Lednicky designed and constructed the building using as much free and recycled materials available, providing an industrial looking interior, thus minimizing overhead costs and giving the artists more freedom to showcase their art.

In addition, there is a studio area where Lednicky sells consigned estate items originally purposed to supplement the payment of memory care patient’s bills. The studio area is now open to anyone wanting help selling their estate items.

Located at 246 American Way, Primal Gallery is more than just a destination to buy mind-blowing art. Featured artists teach classes catered toward various groups, from BYOB “Sip and Paint” sessions to seminars including a science teacher fusing visual art with learning or an asset manager holding ‘art as an investment strategy’ forum. During a special event on March 25, artist Rusiecki will create rings from coins.

The 4,200-square-foot gallery is also available for rent, ideal for private and special events including birthday celebrations, parties, family reunions and corporate gatherings. Clients can stock and use the beverage bar, and the studio space can be adapted to fit their specific needs.

With several ways to experience Primal Gallery and surprises around every corner, there is something for everyone to appreciate while supporting a local Dripping Springs business and up-and-coming Texas artists.

“We are very unique. I encourage all to come to the gallery and support the local artists,” Lednicky said. “We offer something different and very organic with a cool, laid-back vibe.”

Interested in discovering more about Primal Gallery? Head to primalgallery.com to preview art, read more about the artists, book the venue for your next event and plan your visit.

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