Known for its outstanding schools, rich history, and thriving businesses, Klein, Texas, is a special place filled with pride and tradition. To build on this legacy and show support for the local community, residents are updating their addresses to Klein, Texas, as opposed to Houston, Spring, or Tomball.

“Having been born and raised in Klein, Texas, I understand the importance of maintaining our community's identity,” Klein ISD Board Member Ronnie Anderson said. “It's not just about the name on an envelope, it's about preserving the essence of what makes Klein a special place to call home.”

History is truly honored in Klein. The local school district was renamed the Klein Independent School District in 1938 in honor of Adam Klein, one of the area's earliest settlers. From the 1970s onwards, schools in the district have been named after original families from the community.

For example, the historic Wunderlich Farm Interactive History Park is a shining example of how the community's rural heritage is preserved. Located at 18218 Theiss Mail Route Road, Klein, visitors can learn what life was like for the early Klein families and residents.

“We're so proud that we're the kind of place where people support their neighbors and where people find comfort and hope in being here. So many people in Klein, Texas, have deep roots that go back for generations,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “We are proud that as large as Klein is today and as quickly as we’ve grown that we’ve never lost that small-town feel that makes people feel cared for and known.”

That recognition of the community’s deep historical roots went a step further during the 1977 legislative session when former Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe signed Senate Bill 1283, which designated the portion of Harris County inside the boundaries of Klein ISD as the community of Klein, Texas.

Klein ISD trustees then passed a resolution in 2016 reaffirming the decision of the state Legislature to designate Klein, Texas, as the official mailing address for all residents and businesses within the 88-square-mile community.

“The long-term vision for this effort is to preserve and enhance our rich Klein heritage and our tight-knit community for the benefit of future generations,” McGown said.

In making Klein their home address, locals ensure this historic community remains on the map for future generations. The change will not affect incoming and outgoing mail since no forms are required. Residents simply need to start using Klein, Texas, as the state and city when sending or receiving mail.

“All of us who live here know firsthand that Klein is more than just a district...Klein is home, and we want everyone who lives here to experience that genuine care and family feel that has always put Klein, Texas, on the map,” McGown said. “We’re excited that our renewed efforts in promoting Klein, Texas will continue to strengthen and preserve our community’s bonds.”

“It's crucial that we remind residents of their roots and encourage the use of Klein, Texas, in their addresses,” Anderson said. “As a board member, I am proud to be part of an effort that promotes the rich history and heritage of our amazing community.”

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