Excellence in academics, rooted in faith, is the fundamental cornerstone at Holy Spirit Catholic School (HSCS). The school offers a robust academic and athletic program as well as engaging fine arts and extracurricular offerings. In addition, leadership and service opportunities help build a stage for happy and successful students in PK3-8th grades, according to Lisa Rosenfeld, Director of Admissions and Advancement at Holy Spirit Catholic School.

This vital combination of scholastic and life skills, infused with an atmosphere of catholicity, has been the reason why HSCS students have had a trajectory for success in high school and beyond.

“At HSCS we are preparing our students for academic success, but more importantly, we are instilling a strong spiritual foundation that is grounded by a moral compass that they will take with them beyond their time at Holy Spirit,” Rosenfeld says.

Created in 1965 by founding parish families who wanted a school affiliated with the church, Holy Spirit Catholic School has seen growth in the past 54 years. With current enrollment at 420 students, Rosenfeld is proud of the fact that great-grandchildren of the founding families are now part of the student body.

As the school has grown, so has its educational innovation. Holy Spirit Catholic School has one of the highest standardized testing scores within the Archdiocesan PK3-8th grade schools. In addition to its focus on academic excellence, the school also teaches critical time management and organizational skills.

“Holy Spirit educates the whole child - the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical child. We take pride in our collaborative partnership with our parents. We understand that although parents are their child’s first teachers at home, we have their children 7 ½ hours for ten months the year, and we take that role very seriously.”

HSCS is also proud of its S.O.A.R. program (Student Opportunities for Achievement and Results) that assists students with diagnosed learning differences such as ADHD and dyslexia, etc. This program was one of the first offered in PK3-8th grade schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio and is often a program that is now modeled in other schools.

“It’s about making sure that all students, regardless of where they are - if they’re the 99th percentile kids or the 40th percentile kids - are on a path for success,” Rosenfeld said.

The athletic program continues the school’s dedication to the students by offering a wide range of sports that the students can get involved in. The overall goals of having fun, learning teamwork and sportsmanship, and challenging their athletic abilities, are at the forefront of this program.

Rosenfeld has been in Catholic education for twenty years, with six years recently at the high school level. She believes that Holy Spirit Catholic School possesses the fundamentals needed to build a successful, well-rounded student who is academically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to reach their full potential in life.

To learn more about this wonderful community and all that Holy Spirit Catholic School offers, please contact Lisa Rosenfeld at [email protected] to schedule your informational meeting and tour today!

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