Doss Audiology is celebrating 10 years of serving patients in the Schertz area this year. Dr. Phallon Doss, a Doctor of Audiology and owner of Doss Audiology & Hearing Center in Schertz, said it has been amazing watching the practice grow with the community.

“We went from myself and one front office person to three audiologists and four support staff members. We grew from one location to two locations,” Doss said. “We have seen thousands of patients over the past 10 years, and we've had the privilege to watch some of our pediatric patients grow up and go to college.”

While the center’s patient base continued to grow every year, over the past two years there was an especially big boom due to the pandemic because people had been communicating with their faces covered.

“People kind of avoid addressing their hearing loss, and they didn't realize how much they were looking at people's lips when they were talking,” Doss said. “Once that visual cue was removed, we had all these people coming in saying they noticed in the last couple years that they couldn't hear well.”

As the business reflects on its 10-year anniversary milestone, Doss said she plans on continuing to grow their client base while providing high-quality care to all patients.

One advancement in the world of audiology since Doss originally opened has been the advancement of technology to assist those with hearing loss.

“Hearing aids have changed dramatically. I often compare it to the cell phone because hardly anyone has the phone they had 10 years ago. After all, technology has changed so much,” Doss said. “We went from standard battery devices to rechargeable hearing aids. Bluetooth and made for iPhone devices where you can stream phone calls through your hearing aids. The miniaturization of hearing aids is also pretty remarkable; they're very tiny and discreet. The sound quality is also so much more clear and crisp than we could achieve 10 years ago.”

Between keeping up with new technology, Doss’s busy schedule at work, and serving as the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD’s audiologist, she also speaks at conferences on topics relating to audiology care.

“I had a friend that was putting on a conference and knew that I did a really good job of retaining patients and achieving high customer satisfaction. They asked me to do a speaking engagement and there was a really big response. That kind of snowballed into regular speaking engagements on different topics regarding private practice audiology,” Doss said.

For example, one of her patients is a music professor and asked if she would partner with him to do a presentation at the Texas Music Educators Association convention a few years ago on the topic of hearing conservation.

“I'm big on protecting musicians' ears and hearing conservation efforts for musicians. Speaking at that convention was really cool because it was a collaboration over two industries,” Doss said.

Additionally, speaking at the convention led to an increase in patients for the practice.

“Because of that, I ended up working with musicians on hearing protection and custom listening devices since I had insight into that topic,” she said.

To learn more about Doss Audiology, visit their website or call 210-819-5002 for more information.

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