Natalie Lynch, founder of the Lynch Law Firm, has combined decades of experience with a passion for business and employment law. Although she specializes in workplace investigations, the firm’s broader practice areas of business and employment display the way she has cultivated a firm that helps local and international organizations achieve balanced profitability and employee dignity.

“Conventional law firms have lost the sense of human dignity or the focus on profits but both are needed at a successful workplace,” Lynch said.

The Lynch Law firm has grown significantly over the past 10 years. The firm now includes an associate attorney, Brian Levy, and two employment professionals, Dr. Lindsey Lee and Helen Petty. Dr. Lee works on adult learning, investigations and culture projects, while Petty works with nonprofit organizations.

“When I established the firm, I was the only attorney and conducted all the workplace investigations and prevention work,” Lynch said. “Now, the firm has an entire team to oversee our labor and employment clients.”

A large part of the Lynch Law Firm’s work is prevention and education. The firm offers services such as creating partner and employee agreements, building or reviewing policies and working through conflict in the workplace . These services are designed to help employers avoid costly lawsuits and create a healthier workplace.

“Many employers did not realize they had an obligation to investigate workplace discrimination issues at all, much less the expectation to spend money on a professional and credentialed workplace investigator,” Lynch said. “In other words, I sometimes have to educate the community about the very strict federal rules and obligations around harassment.”

Lynch said she likes being the one to educate employers because she can set the expectations high and show people why the legal requirements to spend money can actually ensure a healthy workplace is worth the cost.

The Lynch Law Firm recently worked with an organization that had a payroll versus human resources dispute that created a hostile work environment. Lynch said it was so unclear, even to the management, who was in charge of various responsibilities. This resulted in constant disagreements between the two departments.

Fulfilling the legal duty to determine if there was a hostile environment, the firm also worked to determine the deeper problem—the undefined department responsibilities—to find a more long-term solution to stop similar issues from occurring. This is the high-quality return on investment the firm provides to all of its clients.

“Companies need to expect their attorney to solve their legal obligations and address the root cause of the expense they are enduring,” she said.

Another way the Lynch Law Firm serves their clients is through their new training platform. Consistent with EEOC guidelines and court decisions, the customized training is designed to stop harassment in the workplace. By meeting judicial preferences and laws, the firm’s interactive harassment prevention courses are created to protect organizations while helping nurture a workplace culture where employees feel safe and respected. There will be weekly micro-learnings to reinforce the education. The truly unique aspect of this training is that it is affordable and customized and judicially acceptable.

Lynch said there is nothing else like this on the market.

“If companies use a generic, one-size-fits-all video, it will not be very effective and judges know that,” Lynch said. “Judges realize that generic training indicates a lack of intent to prevent harassment.”

The Lynch Law Firm’s training program is about 80% standard, meaning it adheres to the laws, while the other 20% is customized in exactly the ways the judges want. A representative of the company provides a video giving specific examples for that workplace, she said.

This discrimination and harassment prevention training goes beyond covering the laws that govern anti-discrimination and anti-harassment. The training and reinforcement strategy seeks to raise awareness, encourage positive behavior, and foster a culture that is diverse, inclusive and free from harassment.

“This training program is one of the most exciting initiatives the firm has going on right now,” Lynch said.

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