For someone with a broken appliance, shopping at big-name home improvement stores is sometimes more brutal than living without it. Customers browse through hundreds of different models, talk with an employee who has little knowledge of the selection, and then likely find out the one they need is back-ordered for weeks.

Since this summer, Central Texans now have a quick, easy and affordable solution: Appliances Now! Co-owners of luxury appliance store Harway Appliances Michael Walker and Jeff Jenkins have completely reimagined the appliance-buying process to revolve around customer experience and convenience instead of excessive options and unnecessary hassle.

“[Big-name appliance stores] are trying to offer everything under the sun product-wise, and I can tell you—that’s just not the way to get good customer experience,” Jenkins said. “We intimately know every one of the products that we’re shipping. Our guys have been trained on all of them and will install them correctly.”

Appliances Now! only sells the highest-rated, best-selling, and competitively-priced appliances, with the goal of having your product delivered and installed in 24-48 hours.

“Instead of browsing through hundreds of models, we have selected the top-performing washers and dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers in the market.” Walker said.

Ordering from Appliances Now! is simplified into three pain-free steps. Customers make their selection, order and pay online, then choose their delivery and installation date.

Servicing everywhere from Georgetown to Fredericksburg, Appliances Now! delivers Tuesday through Friday. If a customer orders before noon on any given day, same-day pickup is available with a free at-home installation kit, for which other stores charge up to $65.

“What we’re trying to do is provide immediate gratification. In this case, it’s not just because you want it—it’s because you need it. You don’t want to be washing dishes by hand. You don’t want your laundry piling up. You want your appliances and you want it taken care of,” Jenkins said.

Though the idea for Appliances Now! sparked at the onset of the pandemic, the company officially launched in June 2022—and Walker and Jenkins say this is just the beginning, with the goal of expanding throughout Texas.

“Appliances Now! was created to be inclusive of all customers and home values in the market,” Walker said.

Ready to order an appliance, or interested in learning more about Appliances Now!? Visit their website at to view inventory and follow Appliances Now! on Facebook to find out more.

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