Unite Us was founded and is driven by a simple mission: connecting health and social care for those who need it. If possible, before they need it.

Unite Us’ Texas State Network Director, Brandon White, describes how the network first expanded to Texas in 2017.

“It was veteran focused across a couple of areas in the state, including San Antonio, South Texas. In October of 2020, we expanded our focus to all populations,” White said. “We were trying to be the connector that provided wrap-around services all across the state.”

The network’s growth in Texas has been effective and efficient, White said. The Unite Us Texas network spans across the major metros, including Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. From 2020 to 2021, the number of people served increased by 71 percent, and the network grew by 90 percent.

“Connecting the right organizations in those local communities to ensure that people’s needs are being met. We do that with our community engagement managers, which we have 11 of across the state today,” White said. “The [community engagement managers] spend their time looking for gaps in services by being a connector.”

Together, thousands of community-based organizations and Unite Us customers are able to make a collective impact on community health in Texas.

“We work with nonprofits on the network side, but also with healthcare, government, and health plans. Sometimes, they have direct clients they provide services for, and most of the time, they don't have all the services that the client needs,” White said. “They are looking for other nonprofits and services to send their clients to so they are taken care of as a whole person.”

Unite Us is driven by its shared mission with partners and communities, creating a secure and truly holistic experience that directly impacts people receiving and providing care.

“There are so many different ways we have impacted the community,” White said. “Starting with our veterans because that was our beginning. For example, in San Antonio, we have [over] 100 organizations on the platform that provide services directly to veterans in need. We are a veteran-founded company, so many of our networks start that way.”

Unite Us has some pretty big goals when it comes to growth in Texas.

“We have a couple of different goals we have set. One is around growth, the second is around activity, and our north star really is, ‘How many people does that mean we can impact across the Southwest?’” White said. “We hope to do much more, which means just that: much more of an impact for the community.”

Unite Us’ Platform has been a great opportunity for innovative organizations to serve their clients by enabling them to maximize their capabilities, and improve how they serve people.

“Our platform connects people naturally with the technology, but our human element with the community engagement managers provides intel and insight by listening to the community, and making sure we bring on the right organizations to meet community needs,” White said. “We are very much in the build phase with the hope to be fully across the state in some capacity in the near future.”

The Unite Us website also provides forms for local community members looking for food, housing, transportation, peer support, and other services to directly submit requests. A member of the network partner team or the internal support team will reach out, White said.

“We will find the care that they need and get that information to them,” White said. “We really like to be an end-to-end care solution, a care-coordinated solution that is active and responsive.”

To learn more about Unite Us’ work in Texas, click here to read about the organization’s mission and values, request a demo, connect with the local team, or join the network.

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