The Rena Connors Group helps clients find the best investment choice in North Texas

Rena Connors, team lead of The Rena Connors Group
Rena Connors, team lead of The Rena Connors Group

Rena Connors, team lead of The Rena Connors Group

The Rena Connors Group features three Realtors and a transaction coordinator, each with extensive experience in the field and a commitment to honesty, professionalism and detail. With a combined total of 34 years of experience, The Rena Connors Group has a reputation for excellent negotiation skills, attention to detail and valuable connections the team has made locally.

“I’m very transparent about my business: I’m very good at negotiating and have very good relationships with other colleagues in the industry,” team lead Rena Connors said.

Connors said the group’s goal is not a single sale, but instead is focused on building relationships and creating a space where clients can have their individual needs met. To accomplish this, the team draws on their extensive knowledge of the North Texas area and helps to educate their clients about the community.

Clients who work with The Rena Connors Group can expect professionals who are going to take their purchase seriously as the investment that it is and guide them toward the best decision for their specific needs and budget, Connors said.

“We are locals, and so we ask clients about their lifestyle to make sure we are placing them in a community that is right for their individual needs,” Connors said. “This isn’t a transactional relationship—we want to make forever clients.”

Although she has been working in real estate for the past 14 years, Connors started out her career as a teacher. She earned a master’s degree in educational leadership and worked in Irving ISD for 2 years before moving to Keller ISD where she taught English for 12 years.

Connors said she met wonderful people and made lasting relationships in the education field, but found her true passion in real estate when a friend introduced her to the process of flipping houses in 2007.

“Little did I know that was part of God’s plan because he was paving the way for me to get into real estate,” Connors said. “Working in real estate, I was able to meet new people all the time and it was super rewarding.”

Connors said working in flipping houses on a day-to-day basis has made her a better Realtor.

“Flipping houses teaches you a lot about the ins and outs of homes,” Connors said. “I know foundation issues, plumbing issues and roofing issues when I see them.”

By the time Connors started the Rena Connors Group in 2018, she had a solid base of clients—so many that she could not handle them all herself, she said. She also wanted to help others build their business.

The hard work of launching her business paid off quickly: the Rena Connors Group was the No. 1 team in Southlake in 2021 with nearly $44 million in sales. But at the end of the day, money isn’t everything, Connors said.

“I want people to feel comfortable and let them know they’re being taken care of so they can make the best investment choice for themselves,” she said.

She added she feels incredibly blessed to work with clients who become friends and a strong part of her network and recognizes the trust her clients place in her, so she strives to exceed their expectations.

Ultimately, Connors said her bottom line is treating not only her clients but everyone with respect and dignity and love. She achieves this by taking a personal approach to her client relationships and communicates openly to make sure clients feel they are in a comfortable price range and finding something that fits their needs.

For more information about listings in North Texas, The Rena Connors Group staff and resources like mortgage calculators and market reports, visit the website.

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