Terry Davis is motivated to develop the future helpers of the world.

Davis has worked for Judson ISD as a custodian for the last eight years and has taken the time to get involved in several student activities, which has led to the creation of items like posters, animated videos and a coloring book—all for the benefit of the students.

One of the programs that started it all was the Judson Early College Academy Raptor News broadcast, which is produced by the school’s digital media class.

“The students wanted to put me in the newscast, and I was Super Terry. They gave me a cape and everything and spilled some water and said, ‘This is a job for Super Terry,’” he said. “After that newscast was broadcasted, all day until the next week all I heard was, ‘Hey, Super Terry.’ I was like, if high school kids can feel my energy for this, then let’s come up with things for the little kids.”

From there, The Super Terry Way was born, featuring five fundamentals:

1. When you see a mess, clean it up.

2. Something on the ground, pick it up.

3. Be the best helper that you can.

4. Germs make you sick, wash your hands.

5. Be respectful. Why? That’s The Super Terry Way.

To spread the fundamentals, Davis created posters in both English and Spanish in collaboration with teachers and parents across the district to make several videos to reach children of all ages. The short videos feature an animated version of Davis in his school uniform with his cape sharing the five fundamentals of The Super Terry Way.

“I take pride in what I do,” Davis said. “I was that kid who wanted somebody who was energetic to give it back. I want to channel it and show the kids, you can have fun with it.”

Davis is also working on a coloring book for the children featuring the five fundamentals with the JISD Print Center manager from Veterans Memorial High School who runs the print center for the district.

Mr. Silverman from Salinas Elementary is one principal who has adopted the Super Terry Way by using the videos and posters throughout his campus, and district officials hope to bring it to more schools next year.

Davis said he is motivated by trying to give back to kids of all ages in the district, from elementary school to high school.

“For me, it’s about trying to give back,” he said. “Kids need that positive image.”

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