Golden Outlook Insurance Services helps beneficiaries find tailored health insurance plans

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Golden Outlook Insurance Services helps individuals who have recently turned 65 find health insurance plans that fit their needs.

Bertha Eliza Calpena of Eliza Calpena Insurance Agency is a broker with Golden Outlook Insurance Services. She is a local licensed agent serving the San Antonio and Boerne area and represents multiple insurance carriers. Calpena helps explain Medicare options as well as find prescription drug coverage for beneficiaries.

“When an individual turns 65, it can be very daunting and confusing, so I am here to navigate and help them through that process,” Calpena said.

Eliza takes a hands-on approach by getting out into the community and hosting events like Medicare 101 to educate members about the differences of plans and inform them of extra benefits for which they may be eligible.

Eliza said in addition to helping her clients find the best fit, she also focuses on building relationships.

“Each month we have a theme and this month is ‘The Month of The Heart,’” Calpena said. “I thought about planning a game called ‘Things to Make your Heart Happy’ to help people integrate healthy habits into their lives.”

At Golden Outlook, the agents facilitate the process of choosing a medical plan, but each of them are independently contracted licensed brokers who are appointed by each company that they represent. This ensures that each agent is equipped to recommend and explain these plans to clients.

In addition to being appointed with individual companies, Calpena said one of the most important aspects of the job is being reliable and reachable.

“What’s really important to beneficiaries is an agent that will answer the phone when they call,” Calpena said. “Even if people call me after 5 p.m., I pick up the phone because I understand they need help and I want them to feel comfortable calling me anytime should they have questions.”

What sets Calpena apart is that she is a full-time agent that will continue the relationship with her clients throughout the years.

Additionally, there may be options for beneficiaries to have a Special Enrollment which will allow them to enroll in a plan outside the Annual Enrollment Period or Open Enrollment Period.

For those looking for medical insurance plans that better fit their lifestyle and any candidates turning 65 this year, or candidates living with diabetes or a heart condition, they can reach out to Calpena. She works on Thursdays from 9 a.m.- noon at The Medicare Information Center by Greenway Park 2455 NE Interstate 410 San Antonio, Texas 78217

Clients can also find more information and connect with Eliza at or call at 210-612-5777.

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