Finding ways for employees to give back is a top priority at Text-Em-All, a company whose core values include compassion, authenticity and shared excellence.

Text-Em-All, a Frisco-based software company specializing in delivering text messages and phone calls, offers regular volunteer opportunities to staff, including the opportunity to donate $1,000 quarterly to a local charity; a week of paid volunteer time each year; and chances to serve the local senior community.

“We’ve always been a company that wants to give back,” Head of Marketing Ron Kinkade said. “We treat our employees well, but we also want to treat customers well. Going back to our company purpose, it’s also about a positive impact that extends to the community.”

One of the company’s main volunteer initiatives involves supporting organizations like The Senior Source, a nonprofit focused on improving the lives of seniors in the metroplex that Text-Em-All has partnered with for more than a decade.

“We work with them to adopt a senior homes [four homes this year], and we would buy gifts for the seniors, deliver them and have a Christmas party with them,” Office Manager Chanelle Miller said. “It’s been really rewarding to visit the homes and connect with seniors.”

For the last 10-plus years, the company has celebrated the holidays by hosting a wrap party for employees, along with their families and friends, at which everyone wraps gifts for the senior homes.

“The wrap party is kind of like the culmination of all our efforts throughout the year,” Kinkade said. “It’s our big holiday party at the end of the year. Seniors have a special place for us; we feel like they’re underserved.”

“What Text-Em-All had done to impact the lives of residents living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities has been phenomenal. It can’t be measured,” said Marsha Evans, Program Manager with The Senior Source.

In addition to supporting the senior community, company leadership added another layer of philanthropy as a benefit in mid-2020, giving employees $1,000 each quarter to donate to five selected charities.

“We’re a company that thrived during COVID, and then found this unique way to give back to the community where employees have some say in it,” president and founder Brad Herrmann said.

Employees currently have the option to donate to Genesis Women’s Center, North Texas Food Bank, The Senior Source, Frisco Family Services and the Equal Justice Initiative, but the focus can change throughout the year. For example, one quarter last year focused exclusively on organizations battling racial injustice.

“As we struggled internally with what was going on around racial injustice, and with the protests last summer, it became apparent it wasn’t just a statement we had to make, but there had to be action behind it, and that was one way for us to take action,” Kinkade said.

In addition to the quarterly charitable donations, Text-Em-All also matches any employee’s personal donations to charity, plus, employees can benefit from a week of paid time off to volunteer—in addition to Text-Em-All’s unlimited time off policy. In 2020, total contributions increased by more than 360% from the prior year, and there will be a new record amount set in 2021 as well.

“People who want to work for a values driven organization see that benefit and realize we’re not just listing something on a website, we’re backing it up,” Kinkade said.

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