Guadalupe County Commissioners Court will hold a public hearing on June 18 to add “No Thru Trucks” signs to Schwab Road between I-10 and FM 78.

In a nutshell

During the June 4 Commissioners Court meeting, Precinct 4 Commissioner Stephen Germann said Schwab Road is a small county road large vehicles are using as shortcuts, which leads to unsafe road conditions as well as increased wear and tear to the road.

“These trucks really could go to the farm-to-market roads,” Germann said. “They do not have to tax our county road the way they are doing.”

During the meeting, County Road Administrator Douglas Burnside said over the course of a nine-day data collection period, there were 428 vehicles over 30 feet long on Schwab Road. There were 109 vehicles over 50 feet long. Burnside said a total traffic count of 7,981 was recorded during the nine-day period.

What’s next?

Commissioners approved the creation of a public hearing on June 18, where residents will have an opportunity to provide input.

Further discussion on the implementation of signage will be held at future meetings.