An ordinance was approved Feb. 13 to reduce the speed limit on Tolle Road in Cibolo.

What residents should know

Due to the conditions of Tolle Road, Cibolo City Council approved the ordinance to reduce the speed limit from 40 mph to 25 mph, according to the ordinance.

Concerns with road conditions include a rough road surface made up of cracks, potholes and drainage issues, which cause speed limits above 25 mph to be deemed unsafe for drivers, according to the ordinance.

This speed limit reduction will be on approximately 1.19 miles of roadway from the intersection of Weil Lane to the intersection of Country Lane.

Violations of the ordinance will be deemed as a misdemeanor, resulting in a fine of no less than $1 and no more than $200, according to the ordinance.

Also on the agenda

City Council entered an executive session to discuss the reconstruction of Tolle Road. The approval of the design was scheduled for City Council discussion and action but was tabled to give more time for Mayor Mark Allen, council member Joel Hicks and City Manager Wayne Reed to speak with a family whose property is along the road, according to the motion made by council member T.G. Benson. The new date for the discussion is Feb. 27.