Due to inclement weather and flooding in some areas, Guadalupe County officials are urging drivers to be wary of the roadblocks put up due to recent rain.

The details

According to the National Weather Service, the Guadalupe County area can expect rainfall through Jan. 24.

With areas around the county being within the floodplain and having low-water crossings, officials are urging drivers to stay alert of water in the road and not to attempt to drive through dips, ditches or low-water crossings if there is water present.

According to a Jan. 23 news release, several vehicles have been attempting to go around safety barricades.

The release states that a foot of water is capable of floating many vehicles, and 6 inches of water can reach the bottom of most passenger cars, which can lead to loss of control and possible stalling.

“We want drivers to slow down and be aware of possible flooding and leave with plenty of time to make it safely to their destination,” Guadalupe County Chief Deputy Joshua Ray said in the release. “Stay informed about the weather conditions, and plan to take an alternate route if you are aware of low crossing in your regular commute.”